Covid-19 Coronavirus Update

With the continuing worldwide outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, Guardpack Ltd together with our own brand mywipe are under increased demand to supply antibacterial and alcohol based products, t

Recyclable Laminate For Sachets

As part of our efforts to improve the sustainability of our products and packaging, Guardpack’s research and development teams have been working extensively to offer 100% fully recyclable laminat

Biodegradable Does Not Mean Flushable

Guardpack recognizes that protection of the environment requires our commercial activity to be conducted in a sustainable manner. It is appreciated that sustainable development cannot be achieved a

Contract Sachet Manufacturing – BCMPA

The BCMPA accreditation logo

We are delighted to announce that Guardpack Ltd has joined up to the BCMPA. The British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA) is a well-established trade association, highly respec

Happy Birthday Guardpack 20 Years!

An image of items/media from 1997, including a still from Titanic, a Tamagotchi, the Teletubbies and an old Nokia phone.

Remember 1997? It was certainly a year to remember. There was a lot going on: Tony Blair was Prime Minister, the tragic death of The Princess of Wales, Kate & Leo were hanging off the b

Pure Beauty Awards Shortlist

Guardpack Ltd are delighted to announce that mywipe Sun Cream sachets have been shortlisted for the prestigious Pure Beauty Awards 2017 in the BEST NEW SUN CARE AND TANNING PRODUCT category. Hana