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Pet Wet Wipes and Pet-Friendly Shampoo Sachets: An Essential Guide

Are pet wet wipes necessary? All skin, whether it’s dog, cat or human, is covered with an acid mantle, as a protective layer. As the name indicates, this layer is acidic in nature. Nevertheless, the pH of this layer is different between us and our furry friends. Therefore a specifically designed wipe for pets is required.

Within the pet care market, pet wet wipes and cleansing shampoos are high priority products for pet owners. These products are not only a necessity when it comes to pet hygiene but can positively aid and impact their overall quality of life. As pet owners, there’s nothing more pleasing than seeing our furry friends clean, happy and thriving. However, using the right products on our pets is fundamental; getting it wrong could result in discomfort and potentially even lead to other more serious issues.

As a supplier, it’s your duty to work alongside a reputable manufacturer so that your target audience (and their four-legged friends) demands are being met; whether this be eco-friendly, vegan or any of the other requirements the market is seeking. This can also instil brand loyalty in a booming but saturated market.

As we celebrate national pet day, Guardpack take a closer look at pet wipes and liquid filled sachet products, why they’re important and key elements for the use and selection of them.

The Importance of Pet Hygiene

Having a healthy and hygienic pet is what all pet owners strive for. It’s no secret that the hygiene element of this can be made difficult at times! For example, when those little bundles of joy are bounding all over the place, be it in mud, lakes, flowerbeds, you name it! The use of pet wet wipes and shampoos are a steadfast way for pet owners to invest in their pet’s overall health and wellbeing. Domestic animals carry harmful bacteria on their fur, skin and paws. Regular cleaning helps to prevent the spread of germs. This reduces the risk of skin infection for both pets and their human family.

You should be using a different wipe for different needs. From muddy paws, gunky build-up in their eyes, dust and dander on their fur, a bit of poo remaining after a potty break, and more. They’re great for a quick refresh between baths and helpful in removing dirt and allergens from your pet’s coat.

Using the Right Product

Pet wet wipes and other cleansing products contain active ingredients that effectively kill harmful germs, bacteria and pathogens. This ensures a thorough cleaning experience. Although designed to rid germs, they are carefully formulated to be gentle skin. This makes them safe for regular use on pets.

Contrary to popular belief, you should not use baby wipes and shampoos on your pet. The pH level on human skin is very different to the likes of a dog, for example. Human products (even if for sensitive skin) are unsafe as they can cause irritation and itching.

Using the right product for the correct application also reduces the risk of cross contamination. This prevents the spread of infections. It’s important to have the right product for the right use.

The Benefits of Pet Wet Wipes

Pet wet wipes offer a flexible cleaning solution for all pets and their owners! Here are just some of the benefits to consumers:

Quick and Convenient

Wipes are the most practical and effective way to maintain cleanliness and hygiene for those pets and owners on the go. After an afternoon in the fields, many owners won’t want to bundle their muddy dog into the car! Pet-friendly wipes offer an accessible solution to mitigate dirt and germs from making their way into the car and therefore, back home. By regularly using wet wipes, pet owners can ensure their pets are clean, free from harmful bacteria, and odour-free. This makes them an indispensable tool in any routine.


Pet wet wipes are suitable for various pets, including dogs, cats, small animals, and birds. From a quick refresher before tomorrow’s bath time, or an emergency clean up in the woods, wipes offer a versatile and easy cleaning solution for every situation. Pet wipes are even more important for pets dealing with certain skin conditions, a fear of water, or mobility issues that make bath time uncomfortable or unsafe.

Sensitive Skin Care

For pets with sensitive skin, especially formulated pet wipes that are gentle and soothing, containing natural ingredients can help to calm irritation and inflammation, whilst cleaning. Similarly, some pet wipes are formulated to help reduce shedding by moisturising the skin and coat. This can lead to healthier fur and less shedding. Additionally, with the use of different wipes for different areas it can protect the skin from infection spreading.

Liquid Filled Sachet Shampoo

Utilising specialised pet shampoo is also an important part of pet care. Choosing the right pet shampoo may be a case of trial and error for many owners. It can become a costly process when buying and trying multiple different canisters of shampoo. As a supplier, choosing to manufacture in sachets rather than bottles and other bulky containers offers convenience for consumers and the brand in a multitude of ways:

  • Cost-effectivity: Smaller versions of the pet shampoo or product in question means that the consumer can try different variations of a pet product in smaller sizes to see what’s right for their pet before buying a larger size. From a supplier perspective, it’s cheaper to manufacture and more produce can be transported!


  • Space-saving: Not only can more branded products be displayed on the shelves, potentially resulting in more sales, but consumers can conveniently store sachet sizes at home. Naturally, pet owners will bathe their pet less frequently than using pet wet wipes. Thus, packaging that doesn’t take up room is preferable.


  • Eco-friendliness: Shampoo sachets help to lower plastic consumption and therefore, reduce plastic waste. This aligns with environmentally conscious practices, making them a more sustainable option. Not only does this show current customers that this brand is doing their bit for the planet, but it could attract new eco-conscious consumers. This move encourages brand awareness and loyalty all-round.

Pet-Friendly Formulations

Using a reputable wet wipe and liquid filled sachet manufacturer to produce your pet shampoo and other pet care products guarantees a product that is safe for use with no harsh chemicals or irritants that could harm skin or cause discomfort.

A sachet can be a useful way of presenting your product for travel, convenience, controlled dosing, reducing the environmental impact with less volume for transportation (not shipping as much air) and total lower weight of plastic than traditional bottles.

At Guardpack, we are a regulated manufacturer and can assist in the development of your formulation by pointing you in the right direction of skilled formulation specialists. If you have your own formula, we can impregnate this into your wipes. We can also fill your sachets in a range of dose sizes. Additionally, we offer plastic-free wipes and other eco-conscious packaging options that align with the continued environmental movement.

By choosing us, you can rest assured that your product will be up to date with the latest legislation and guidelines, allowing you to legally place your product on the market. For more information on this, get in contact with us here.

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