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Specialist Wet Wipe & Sachet Manufacturer


Keeping up to date with changes to legislation can be an enduring task, but with technical advisors on hand we make sure we are kept informed with legislation changes and make amends where necessary.

We only purchase materials from reputable sources and ensure that all of our products comply with legal requirements.

For local distribution and where client’s own materials are used, we would be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate organisations who can undertake testing and prepare the necessary documentation for you.

As well as the basic requirements of REACH and CLP we will also advise you whether your product falls under other EU legislation such as Cosmetics, Detergents or Biocide products.

All of our base formulas and generic products are supported by regulatory-specific documentation for distribution within the EU and member states.

Safety Data Sheets are available for all Guardpack generic formulas, please contact us for details or to obtain copies.

Cosmetic Regulations

We hold Product Information Files (PIF) and act as The Responsible Person for around 25 approved formulas for use in Personal Care products as regulated by the Cosmetic Regulation. Please note there is a surcharge for new formulas and client’s own materials. Full details of the Cosmetic Regulation requirements can be found here.