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Sun Cream Sachets: The Essential Summer Accessory

Summer is on its way, which means the sale of sun cream sachets is on the rise! The return of the good weather brings with it increased outdoor activity, sunbathing and of course, some well-deserved time away. Suppliers, if you haven’t already, it’s time to capitalise on this seasonal demand! Here, the Guardpack team take a closer look at this summer essential product and discuss some of the many benefits.

Cloudy with A Chance of Sun…

As spring turns to summer, it’s important that brands are prepared for the inevitable seasonal demand. The majority of consumers will now be thinking about sun cream because they are going on holiday, whether this is abroad or exploring the beautiful British coast.

Now, we know all too well that British summer weather can often include the less than favourable forecast ‘cloudy with a glimpse of sun’. This being said, regardless of how hidden the sun’s rays seem, UVA rays can still be harmful, even when you can’t feel their heat. Ultraviolet (UV) light still penetrates through clouds and can quickly damage the skin’s moisture barrier, which is essential in keeping the skin hydrated. Even if it doesn’t look warm enough to get burnt, it’s essential to apply sun cream during the summer months.

Sachets mean ultimate convenience and protection whatever the weather. If it doesn’t seem hot enough to warrant packing a whole bottle of sun cream in the day bag, a few lightweight sachets are the perfect solution for consumers who don’t want to be caught out.

A Shining Example

On that note, here are just some of the other benefits of sun cream sachets for consumers.

Portability and Accessibility

We touched on the convenience and portability of sachets above. What’s more is that they are extremely travel friendly! They’re easy to carry in a bag, purse or pocket and minimise the bulk in any travel carrier. With no risk of spillages, leaks or exceeding that 100ml liquid limit when travelling by plane, sunscreen sachets can be safely stashed in carry-on luggage. They’re perfect for everyday use. whether it’s a day at the beach or travelling between destinations, those on the go will always be prepared.


Sachets ensure that each application of sun cream is fresh and uncontaminated. Unlike larger bottles or tubes that may be shared among multiple people, sachets reduce the risk of spreading bacteria.

Product Preservation

Sunscreen in sachet form is protected from exposure to air and light until opened. This helps to maintain its effectiveness and shelf life. This is especially beneficial for active ingredients like avobenzone or oxybenzone, which can degrade when exposed to light or air.


Sachets prevent wastage. Usually, you have 6-12 months to use a bottle of sun cream before it isn’t effective. Purchasing sunscreen in smaller quantities can be more economical, especially for those who don’t use sunscreen frequently or who prefer to try different brands or formulations without committing to a full-sized bottle.

Environmental Impact

The first rule of greener waste is to reduce (reduce, reuse, recycle). The smaller packaging size that sun cream sachets offer reduces the overall environmental footprint compared to larger bottles. Not only does it require less material for production, it generates less waste and is more efficient for transportation.

Suppliers who prioritise sustainability in product development and manufacturing processes are also more likely to stand out as awareness of environmental protection continues to grow. Using minimal packaging will not only contribute to a sustainable environment but will also lower the entire cost of the material, production, and shipment for the business.

Additionally, what better way to demonstrate your CSR through a protective product like suncream? We are all aware of the dangers of the sun in this day and age. So, associating your brand with such a positive movement helps to protect the public angle.

From Schools to Swimming and Beyond

The convenience of sun cream sachets makes them the perfect bulk order for schools. It’s easy for busy parents to forget packing the sun cream in their child’s bag. So, whether for sports day, school trips or a sunny playtime, sunscreen sachets are a proven necessity that can help to ensure no child gets burnt whilst outside.

Additionally, sachets like this are perfect for vending machines in the likes of leisure or even at shopping centres. Again, it’s easy for sun cream to slip the mind when focused on the day of outdoor activities ahead. Vending machines that dispense sunscreen sachets offer immediate UV protection. So, whether playing tennis or out and about shopping, customers are covered.

Offering complementary sun cream sachets to customers where they may have forgotten not only leaves them protected, but it will set a business apart when it comes to customer care. This also applies to the likes of mass summer events, for example, cricket, golf, Wimbledon, horse racing and festivals! These little extras show that a brand has their best interests at heart. This level of service can go a long way!

Cosmetic Labelling

Looking for private label sun cream sachets? Guardpack can help you! We offer bulk sachets for ultimate convenience and can even advise on packaging and distribution details throughout the process.

As a supplier, you are accountable for ensuring your packaging adheres to any regulations associated with your industry. We are a reputable and regulated manufacturer, with over 25 years of experience! Choosing us ensures your product will be up to date with the latest legislation and guidelines, allowing you to legally place your product on the market. We can assist you with making sure your artwork has the correct information on your packaging, depending on the classification of your product and what regulation it falls under. For more information on labelling and regulations, find out more here.

If you’re looking for individual sun cream sachets, our mywipe brand provide individually wrapped sachets that are the perfect travel essential. Available in SPF25 and SPF50, our product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. For more information on these, visit our product page.

Get in Touch

At Guardpack, we have the ability to dose your sun cream sachets with liquid between 1-40 ml in a variety of sachet packaging. We can assist in the development of your formulation by pointing you in the right direction of skilled formulation specialists. If you have your own formula, we can utilise this also. Simply let us know what you require this summer!

Get in touch with Guardpack today by filling out our contact form, emailing us at, or speak to one of the team today on 01245 505807. We look forward to hearing from you!

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