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Why your private label wet wipes should be manufactured in the UK

To have your private label wet wipes manufactured in the UK is the most sensible way forward for your business in the current climate. In fact, as the ninth largest manufacturing nation, UK manufacturing contributes 11% of GVA (Gross Value Added).

Covid-19 has had such long-lasting effects on global manufacturing. It’s no surprise that many UK manufacturers have noticed an increase in business. It’s clearer now than ever before that UK manufacturers are capable of offering a quick turnaround during these uncertain times.

In this blog, we thought we would shed some light on why sourcing UK manufacturers – as local as possible – is the best (and most selfless) business decision.

Speed and Quality Control

UK manufacturers, like Guardpack, are able to tailor a product specification to each individual client. With this, every client can be confident that they will receive a bespoke product. A specification of an imported product, however, may not end up being what they require.

Regardless of whether you need private label wet wipes to be manufactured, or a different product entirely, sourcing as locally as possible significantly reduces the time between production and delivery. Less travel time also reduces the chance of products being damaged in transit.

Any customer will appreciate fast, good-quality service. Being able to build up a rapport with local companies in this way will help you build trust and is likely to result in repeat business.

Environmentally Conscious

Every industry is doing what they can to align their practices with the government’s sustainability targets. This is a sheer necessity in the effort to improve the environment. UK companies utilising UK manufacturers significantly reduces the amount of fuel used to ship the product from A to B. Staying local dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of any business.

There are always other things you can do to ensure your business is environmentally conscious, of course. Here at Guardpack, for example, we are proud of our considerable investment into sourcing plastic-free materials made from 100% naturally derived renewable fibres. These fibres biodegrade in as little as 6 months! Whilst we continue to encourage our customers to choose and develop more sustainable products, Guardpack’s aim is for our own-branded mywipe products to be made from biodegradable and recyclable materials by the end 2024.

Unrivaled Customer Care

Brexit and Covid-19 have both had a massive effect on global supply chains, largely due to travel restrictions. This has made local companies a much more attractive option for your private label wet wipes – or any other product – manufacturing needs.

It’s much more likely that a local business will offer smaller minimum order quantities. Guardpack, for example, offers an astoundingly low minimum run of 2,000 units. This is perfect for small businesses looking to source products sustainably.

Supporting Your Local Economy

Opting for British manufacturing will help to create new job opportunities in local areas. Furthermore, aside from directly benefiting your company, it has an impact on the national and local economy. Not to mention the scale of UK manufacturing, itself.

Our Private Label Wet Wipes

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