Why you should give away free sachet samples this christmas

Why you should give away free sachet samples this Christmas

Yes, we know, it’s not even Halloween yet and we’re already talking about Christmas. However, with some companies experiencing production delays this year, we need to say this nice and early to give everyone time to get ahead! Free sachet samples are a fantastically effective form of marketing that can be used for a variety of industries. Many businesses will be looking to employ this technique over the Christmas period. Here’s why you should consider it too.

How free sachet samples can get you new customers

We know that it can be tough to give some of your product away for free, when it is perfectly good enough to sell. However, there is some method to this madness!

Now, this may shock you, but… people like getting free stuff. Can you believe it!? Luckily for marketeers, psychology dictates that if you do something nice for someone, they are much more likely to do something nice back. For example, you could do something above and beyond for a customer, such as adding in a free sachet sample of another product that has good synergy with the purchased product. The customer is much more likely to leave a good review, recommend you to their peers or purchase more of your products.

In store, you may be able to offer your product samples instantly, leading to a quick purchase decision. Giving away sachet samples instead can lead to building up brand loyalty straight away, allowing people to take a sample away with them. This is especially good during these times where people are more wary of germs and may be steering clear of samples and extended interactions.

As the world is shifting more and more onto online shopping, it is important to continue the tried and tested methods of sampling. Many companies, especially those in the cosmetics industry, understand how important sampling is. To continue this in the digital world, bundling in a free sachet sample when customers are purchasing other products is a great, cost-effective marketing solution.

How free sachet samples can get you return customers

Say you are trying to promote a new moisturiser as you’re expanding your range of products. Who do you know that might be interested in the product? Who do you know that likes your brand? Who deserves a reward for their loyalty? That’s right; your customers.

If you include a small, free sachet sample of your moisturiser with their purchases of other products in your range, there are many benefits. First of all, you’re informing them of a new product. They are more likely to enjoy the product because it was free. They will get that “warm fuzzy feeling” to associate with your brand. They will feel more loyalty towards your brand. What better time to get all of this good feeling towards your brand than Christmas time, when people are happy, in a mood to buy and perhaps received a bit of extra money to spend?

Don’t just give out sachet samples to everyone

The examples given above are highly targeted. In store, you can target people that are browsing in the section that you are in. Online, you can bundle the product with people that are already buying other products that have high synergy with your sachet sample. This is very important to keep in mind. You still need to market to the correct audience.

Research events to do with your industry and take your products there. If you have created a petroleum jelly product, it could be a good idea to take it to hand out to marathon runners or cyclers. This is great for brand recognition, especially if you are sponsoring the event.

Alternatively, you can include your product as a free sample with magazines that your target market are likely to purchase. For example, a leather seat polish may be a good fit with the target audience of a classic car magazine. You could then have an article within the magazine about the best way to treat old leather seats, enticing the reader to try out your product.

There are many ways to get sachets in front of your target market. Whichever way you choose, it is sure to be an effective marketing tool to add to your arsenal.

How Guardpack can help

Guardpack’s private label service allows us to print and fill sachets with a range of liquids, gels and creams. Our pumps can fill sachets in amounts from a tiny 1ml up to 40ml and are accurate to a tolerance of 0.1ml. Similarly, we also offer a wet-wipe private label service. Wet-wipe sachets range in sizes from 50mm x 50mm to 140mm x 150mm. Our flow pack machines have the capability to cut and fold wipes up to a size of 500mm x 230mm.

Sachet packaging can feature a custom imagery, from intricate designs to just a logo or some text. However, it should also include information to cover regulations, such as allergens and safety guidance, depending on the product. Due to Guardpack’s vast experience in this field across many industries, we are happy to offer our expertise to ensure all required information is covered.

Our production runs can start very low at just 2,000 sachets. This is perfect for carrying out market research, taking to an event as promotional materials or to use for a small amount of in-store sampling, should you want to run it as a test. For wider reaching campaigns we can scale up production to tens of thousands of sachets every day.

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So, if you would like to take advantage of the Christmas cheer and are interested in our sachet filling service to create your own sachet samples, or any of our other services, please get in touch! Give us a call on 01245 505807 or email trade@guardpack.co.uk.

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