sachets for beauty and cosmetic products for men

Why use sachets for beauty and cosmetic products for men?

The world is witnessing a huge boom in the men’s grooming and cosmetics market. From the expected shaving creams and grey hair coverage to the perhaps more unexpected fragrances and skincare. The results are in. GWI, a global research company, found that since 2018, the fastest-growing interest for male consumers across the whole world is the beauty and cosmetics industry. It’s time to start using sachets for beauty and cosmetic products for men.

This surge in popularity needs to be capitalised on by the industry, opening up a lot more chance for products to enter the market or to diversify products that already exist. This very same research also notes that there is not a lot of representation for different types of men across promotional materials, meaning that the needs of male consumers are not being met. This is an area that marketeers can work on across the board to promote their products to this new, emerging market.

What are the benefits to using sachets for beauty and cosmetic products?

What is it that makes sachets for beauty and cosmetic products such a good idea? Well, to start with, sachets are malleable. This is a major benefit over bottles and other packaging for a few reasons. This flexibility means that if they are put under pressure, they are not likely to burst or leak, like other packaging materials. It also means that there is no waste product. Your customers can squeeze out every last drop, rather than using a pump or vigorously shaking bottles to no avail.

They can also be used for controlling volumes of your product. For example, if you have a skin cream or a hair treatment product that needs to be used across a week, you can segment it into 7 sachets. This eliminates the risk of using too much or not enough throughout the week, being left with either not enough or too much by the end.

Another benefit is that they are great for travelling. If you are heading to a hotel or on a night out, it can be very handy to have a disposable sachet, so you won’t need to carry around cumbersome bottles of product. Far too much for a night out or a quick trip, especially for men, who don’t tend to have bags with them!

What men’s beauty and cosmetic products suit sachets?

Essentially, any liquids, creams, oils or gels can be filled into sachets. Products that work best in sachets are ones with a bit of viscosity, so it is squeezed out of the sachet. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shaving cream
  • Beard oils
  • Body Lotions
  • Shampoo
  • Shower Gel
  • Collagen Gels
  • Eye Creams
  • Day & Night Moisturisers
  • Sun cream

Even if you have decided that your product will come in bottles or pots, you will still need to market these products. Sachet marketing is a great way to get your product into the hands of your consumers. It is extremely cost-effective and your potential customers can take the product home with them, rather than being pressured into trying them straight away in stores. This is especially helpful in recent times, due to people being a lot more concerned about hygiene and safety.

It is also a cost-effective way of testing out new products before pushing them out to market. Sachet samples are a great way to get feedback from potential customers. You can even include them alongside other similar products to get specific feedback directly from your current customer base!

How to promote products for men

Marketing for men isn’t a huge amount different to marketing for women. Samples, influencer marketing and traditional marketing can all be utilised, although there will be some differences, such as the locations in which samples are handed out. For example, it is no coincidence that Nivea for Men is the largest men’s moisturiser brand in the UK. Way back in 2003 they gave out half a million sachets in 500 gyms across the country. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. People love a free sample.

More recently, they have partnered up with some of the biggest football clubs across Europe; Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, AC Milan and PSG to name a few. Running ads during halftime at football matches, showing stars using their products, makes skincare look more commonplace for men. It removes the stigma attached to “manliness”. Essentially, it’s the same techniques as products for women, but with different targeting and messaging to suit a different market.

How to brand products for men

Earlier, we touched on how branding is leaving some men underrepresented when it comes to beauty and cosmetic products. This could be one angle you can take when thinking about your overall branding and voice strategies. A focus on inclusivity, realistic beauty standards and also on unisex and genderless products will help to fill these gaps.

With that said, if your product is designed for the average male consumer rather than niches, there are many stereotypical branding methods that you can employ. Generally, you would use a dark base colour and block capital letters. Imagery used on products could include “manly” things; beards, bears, lions, mountains… You know the sort.

We have a blog post specifically about how to optimise branding for sachets if you’d like more information on this subject.

Working with Guardpack

Guardpack have a long history working with brands in the cosmetics industry, creating many liquid filled sachet products together. We have worked with companies in many capacities. From formulating products, right through to packaging them up ready to head to supermarket shelves. From small runs of a thousand sample sachets, right up to producing full product ranges.

Our production runs can start in volumes as low as 1000 sachets and can scale up to thousands of sachets per day, depending on your requirements. Our machines can fill sachets with between 1ml to 40ml of liquid product within an accuracy of 0.1ml. You can add your own designs to our sachets, including branding and any regulatory information that needs to be included. We have worked with brands across many industries and on a multitude of different products, so anything you need, we are happy to help.

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