Add cosmetic samples to subscription boxes

Why subscription boxes need to take advantage of cosmetic samples

It’s not long until the big day (we’re only four weeks away now!) and with everyone on the hunt for Christmas presents, now is the best time for subscription box companies to be thinking about little festive extras to add to their boxes.

An effective part of marketing, cosmetic samples, are a staple in any cosmetic subscription box. With many people ordering subscription box gifts for friends and family this festive season, now is the perfect time to include some sample products. Even if it’s too late for this year, it’s a good idea for any month!

Free Samples for New Customers

The gift of a subscription box is something people love to receive – who doesn’t like receiving a pre-paid gift every month for a year? If you’re looking to gain new customers from your subscription boxes, it might be a good idea to include some cosmetic samples. Sending these new customers extra free products, even if they are samples, is a way to gain their trust. There is actually some psychology behind this – if you do something nice for someone, they will do something nice back, and in this instance, it would be continuing their subscription! Giving away free products allows people to associate good things with your brand and will lead to a more positive customer experience. This can lead to someone becoming a return customer, just off the back of a Christmas gift!

Including free samples of products that are not included in your subscription boxes can also mean these new customers may decide to purchase the full product. Any free sample is a possibility for a purchase to be made, increasing your sales, not only at Christmas, but all year round.

Rewards For Repeat Customers

Returning customers already know your brand intimately and will be excited for any new products you bring out, and what a better way to introduce them to the new product but a free sample within their subscription box?

If you have customers who have been with you for more than a certain period of time, why not reward them with free cosmetic samples of their favourites? Anything they have purchased multiple times can be added to their subscription boxes or their next orders. This will allow them to associate a warm feeling with your brand and mean they are more likely to stay with you. This is because they feel the reward and benefit from being a repeat customer.


Using sachets for cosmetic sampling is easily one of the most cost-effective ways to market your new products. They allow you to add just a small amount of your product in order to promote the full thing. This can increase sales and will in turn, pay for itself.

A Chance to Test Products

If there is a new product you are looking to launch, but you’re not sure how successful the product will be, use cosmetic samples as a tester. Adding these to your subscription boxes, including a survey to submit online, will allow you to conduct market research directly with your customers. You will be getting feedback straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were, without breaking the bank on expensive market research.

At Guardpack, we can offer low product runs to allow you to test your potential products with safe knowledge that if it doesn’t work out, you will have minimal financial loss.

It’s All in The Packaging

With these sachets, you can even test out branding for new or existing products. This way, if you’re not sure if you like it, you can scrap the idea at minimum cost to you and your business. It is also another opportunity to send things to customers with your logo and name on.

With fully customisable packaging, the world is your oyster! Guardpack recommend that when designing the branding for your sample products, you keep it simple, but ensure you are making an impression. Over 70% of people are swayed by how packaging looks, no matter the product inside, so your branding is arguably just as important as the product. The sample should have the name of the product, your name and logo. It should also include how much of the product is inside, along with other regulatory information for full transparency.

Guardpack’s Cosmetic Samples Service

Here at Guardpack, we are able to fill our sachets with your product. This can include gels, liquids, creams and many more. If you haven’t got a formula for your product, Guardpack can provide one of our private-label products for you to add your branding to. We have over 30 base ingredients that we can mix efficiently and quickly, and, if you can’t find something on our formula list, we will help you formulate it at extra cost. We offer a range of sachet sizes from tiny 1ml sachets right up to 40ml, meaning no matter how much you wish to sample, you can do so with ease.

We have two Flexographic print presses that allow us to conduct UV and water-based printing with a high-quality, professional finish. We can provide templates for the sachet design work to ensure each sachet looks just the way you envision. We also offer a variety of packaging materials to suit your product and your branding. We pride ourselves on our highly flexible offering!

Types Of Products We Accommodate

We know that cosmetic subscription boxes can differ in what products they offer, and so we are pleased to say we can fill sachets with a wide range of products for you. Our production runs start at low volumes of just 2,000 sachets and can increase to meet your needs.

We can fill sachets with:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Wax
  • Moisturiser
  • Shaving cream
  • Hair dye
  • Facial cream
  • Face cleanser
  • And many more liquids, creams and gels!

Contact Us

We all love a little something extra at Christmas, so why not start adding these cosmetic samples to your subscription boxes to add some festive cheer this month! Get in touch with our team today or call us on 01245 505 807. Alternatively, you can email We look forward to hearing from you!

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