Trick or Treat: Why Multipack Wipes Are a Halloween Essential

Why Multipack Wipes Are a Halloween Essential

You’ve got pumpkins, the decorations are up, the costumes are sorted, and sweets are at the ready… but have you got your multipack wipes to accommodate the big clean up?

The Halloween aftermath is often the last thought when we’re swept up in the autumnal festivities! However, wet wipes are an essential part of this seasonal straighten up. In this week’s edition, the Guardpack team discuss their necessity around this time of year in a little more detail!

The Pumpkin Patch

When we think of autumn and the countdown to Halloween, pumpkin picking comes to mind! Each year, hundreds of thousands of pumpkins are picked from farms around the UK in October. It’s seasonal fun at its finest and a great way to get the whole family out and about before the weather really turns.

With a trip to the pumpkin patch comes scrabbling around in the ground to find the best pumpkin! It can also involve kneeling in the mud, getting our hands dirty, and of course, the probable spillage of a marshmallow topped hot chocolate in a takeaway cup!

For these reasons, multipack wipes are an essential to pop in the rucksack if you’re planning an afternoon at your local pumpkin farm. Whether it’s wiping your boots down before the drive home or wiping off mucky hands, they’re a handy solution for those on the go! You could also consider individual wet wipes to pop in your pocket too.

Creative Carving, Pulp and Pips

You’ve picked your pumpkin – let the carving begin! It’s all fun and games until the whole family have each carved a pumpkin, and you’re left with an overflow of pumpkin pieces, pulp and pips! Pumpkin residue is notoriously sticky and tends to get everywhere. Having a pack of wet wipes and means of disposal near during this activity encourages clean up as you go. This instantly eliminates the mess.

More Treats Than Tricks?

Many little trick-or-treaters will sneak a few treats as they knock from door to door; others may wait patiently until they’re home, letting their mound of sweets build! Having a few wipes to hand will mitigate the chances of chocolatey fingerprints and sticky smears creeping too far up the living room walls (and wherever else they’re not welcome!). Wet wipes are the perfect preventative and a worthy investment for every household.

If you’re looking for a recommended solution, the antibacterial hand and surface multipack wipes by mywipe are extremely convenient. They’re flat, easy to store and can even be tucked in a pocket. The moist and non-sticky formula dries quickly and is completely safe for children.

Additionally, the alcohol-free formula is effective within 30 seconds. It kills 99.999% of germs, making it one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ-killing properties on the market! Furthermore, it will provide a residual barrier to your hands. This continues to protect your skin for up to 6 hours after use.

Fiendish Face Paint

For many, Halloween is all about the dressing up! With convincing costumes comes face paint! Once the evening of trick or treating is over and the Halloween horror party comes to an end, the face paint must come off before bed!

At Guardpack, we provide handy multipack wipes that will feel more like heaven than Halloween come the end of the night! Our mywipe make-up remover wipes are ideal for this. Infused with natural extracts of green tea, aloe vera and chamomile, these convenient wipes have been carefully formulated to gently remove even the toughest eye make-up and long-lasting face paints.

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