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Who Can Make Use of Custom Liquid Sachet Filling?

Here at Guardpack we’ve been making sachets for nearly 25 years now. We have a huge amount of experience creating custom branded sachets across a range of industries and hundreds of different products. Many of these have been custom liquid filled sachets. In fact, Guardpack can package your goods and send them straight out to market with our contract packing liquid sachet filling service. With exhibitions starting up again and shops filling up again, it’s a great time to get your products in front of people! Here’s some examples of how we can help.

Sachet filling for the cosmetics industry

The cosmetic industry hasn’t been able to offer samples in-store for a while due to the pandemic, but now everything is almost back to normal, it’s time to start again. We believe that sachets are the future of cosmetic sampling. Check out our previous post on this topic for more info! Samples are also the perfect size to send out attached to magazines for wide-spread promotion. It really is the perfect way to get cosmetic products in front of new people.

Packaging can be customised to suit your needs, with branding and regulatory information included on the print. With our low-quantity minimum orders, these can be perfect for trying out a new product with the public without massive overheads.

Not only are sachets great for samples, but they are also the perfect for travel-sized products. You can package up your product in sachets that follow air-travel restrictions and are resistant to leaks. There wouldn’t be anything worse than your product spilling out in a customer’s bag! These are also great for products which can be handy for a single-use on a day out, such as an emergency sun cream sachet.

We have worked with various liquid manufacturers and formulators from eye creams to petroleum jelly. Guardpack work with these companies to create products in sachets, as they are the perfect packaging for their customers to have the product available any time they need it. Whether it be petroleum jelly for treating dry lips, applying to small cuts and grazes, as well as preventing chafing and many other uses or an eye cream or gel, to rejuvenate after a heavy night. Sachets are an ideal size to make carrying them around very convenient compared to the alternatives.

We don’t shy away from any industries either. In fact, we have worked extensively with companies that sell lubricants, lotions and creams for sexual aid. We’ve worked together with these companies to create packaging that varies from the discrete to very… in your face. No one could say we aren’t versatile!

Here’s a few more examples for products we fill for the cosmetics industry:

  • Liquid Foundation Make Up
  • Sun cream
  • Body Lotions
  • Shampoo
  • Shower Gel
  • Mouthwash
  • Collagen Gels
  • Eye Creams
  • Shaving cream
  • Day & Night Moisturisers

Sachet filling for industrial products

There’s plenty of products in this industry that sachets are perfect for. The past couple of years have highlighted one use in particular: hand sanitiser. Hygiene has always been important, but even more so since Coronavirus took hold. It’s always handy to have sanitiser to hand. Sachets in various sizes make this really easy to distribute to ensure everyone is kept safe.

We mentioned lubricants before, but they aren’t just for people. Cars and other machines need them too! We can fill sachets with oily lubricants to help keep everything running smoothly… like a well-oiled machine, if you will. These are perfect for samples at trade shows, or can be mass-produced and packaged for selling to the world at large or to be included within automotive accessory packs.

Another industry we have worked with is the paint industry. Whom themselves have found success in using paint sachets for different coloured paint samples. They are incredibly convenient compared to sending customers home with those little pots. People find them much easier to store and distribute, whilst still displaying all the info required.

Here’s some examples of a few more industrial products we have filled at Guardpack:

  • Gun Oil
  • PH Neutraliser
  • Adhesive remover
  • Leather polish
  • Washing up liquid
  • Window cleaner
  • Shower cleaner

Sachet filling for everyone

We work with so many industries and so many different products here at Guardpack. It’s hard to list them all. From paint samples to cleaning products to shower gel and sun cream, there isn’t much we can’t package. Over nearly 25 years of business, we have expanded our range of pumps to deal with nearly any product. High viscosity? No problem! Low viscosity? No problem! Oily, sticky or smelly? Still no problem!

There are very few liquids that are not suitable for our machines, but it can happen, so testing may be required. Generally we will know straight away without testing as we have worked with so many products in the past, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. In this case we would ask for a small sample to test with our machines before moving on to bulk production.

Our custom liquid filled sachets come in a range of styles, one of the most common choice for liquids are our aluminium foil laminated sachets. However, we also offer a wide variety for different products, such as microwavable sachets and recyclable laminates, subject to stability testing.

Our scalable production runs start as low as 2,000 sachets, which is perfect for samples, product testing, or for small businesses, all the way up to mass production for distribution to stores. Sachets can be packed in cartons of various sizes, ready for the shelves. We can fill sachets from 1ml to 40ml with a precision of 0.1ml. This makes us the perfect choice, whether you’re looking to get a product out for samples, ready to buy in-store, or anything in between.

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