What’s the difference between a white label and a private label wet wipes manufacturer

What’s the Difference Between A White Label and A Private Label Wet Wipes Manufacturer?

As a white and private label wet wipes manufacturer, we are often asked about the difference between private label and white label products. Despite sounding similar to some, they are, in fact, two distinct approaches to branding and marketing. Each can have a significant impact on a product’s success.

Here, the Guardpack team explore the difference between private label and white label, as well as the benefits of each approach.

Private Label Wet Wipes Manufacturer Discuss:

What is Private Label?

Private label products – like those produced at our private label wet wipes manufacturer – refer to products that are uniquely manufactured by one company to be sold under another company’s brand name. They are individually designed for that particular brand’s needs. At Guardpack, we will create the product, handling all aspects of production, packaging and distribution. Everything from the material of the tissue to the liquid formula can be adapted to your liking. This will provide you with the optimum product. It also allows you to put more time into your own marketing and sales.

Why Choose Private Label?

The leading benefit of private label products is that they allow business owners to offer a unique product under their own name, without needing to invest in the research and development or the manufacturing infrastructure required to produce it. Furthermore, as products from our private label wet wipes manufacturer will be exclusive to a particular brand, they can often be sold at a higher price point!

Drawbacks to private label are minimal. What’s usually mentioned here is that businesses have less control over the manufacturing and packaging processes. In some cases, this could lead to quality control issues or limited control over the product’s appearance. At Guardpack, however, we work closely with every client to ensure they receive exactly what they ordered!

What is White Label?

The difference between our private label and white label products is that the latter uses our generic formulas. This creates a product that will be sold under multiple brands, but we will still handle your branding in-house!

Why Choose White Label?

The main benefit of white label products is that they’re typically more affordable. This is because they are not unique and the manufacturer can produce them in large quantities to be distributed across multiple brands. But, whilst the products may be less exclusive, you can be sure that it’s content is still exceptional! Furthermore, despite the use of a generic formula, the Guardpack team will be on hand to perfect your packaging with bold branding. This ensures your product is still able to stand out against the competition.

Our White and Private Label Wet Wipes Manufacturer

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