What You Should Know About Contract Sachet Filling

Contract sachet filling is when a company, such as Guardpack, fills your liquid products into sachets and packages them into cardboard boxes, ready to send off to stores or wherever else you need them. Sachets can be used for products across a range of industries, from industrial products to cosmetics. For more in-depth information on what kind of products can make use of sachets, check out our previous blog post.

Generally, the products we most regularly fill in our sachets are those that are more viscous. This includes gels, creams and the like. Thicker substances. Essentially anything you might want to squeeze out of the packaging, rather than products that are too runny or too solid.

We also offer a range of wipe materials, from soft, 100% cotton wipes to more abrasive materials for intensive cleaning products. These wipes can be impregnated with our clients’ liquids and packaged into sachets, in much the same way! This is ideal for cleaning wipes, strong adhesive removers and more. With our vast experience of nearly 25 years in this industry, we can safely advise you on best practices for different products.

Why use sachets for packaging?

There are several benefits to using sachets for packaging liquids. What is important to remember is that they are useful for products which benefit from being single-use in quite small volumes. This is perfect for products like sun cream or hand sanitiser where you would want to apply a certain amount every time. This makes them convenient in terms of portability, where your customers can just take a few sachets with them at a time, which is great for keeping in the car, handbags, rucksacks, pockets or anything else!

Sachets are very resilient. They are not likely to leak in people’s bags or become compromised in any way. They are airtight, yet easy to open via tearing at the tab. This means that products which have a short life once exposed to air will not become contaminated or “go off” at all.

Another advantage to using sachets over any other form of packaging is that they are small, lightweight and flexible. This means that they don’t take up much space and can be packaged with other products or within magazines and other marketing materials. Sachets are perfect for promotional activity in this regard, as well as handing out samples in stores or at trade shows. This is especially effective with cosmetics, which we have mentioned in some detail previously!

The Contract Sachet Filling Process

Guardpack can deliver a range of services within the manufacturing process for your products. We can help take you right from the design stage through to packaging the final product in retail ready cartons.

The first step of our process is to decide on the size/volume of product and ensure we are using the right materials for the sachets. This can vary depending on the product, as we offer a wide range of options, from aluminium-lined sachets to microwavable or biodegradable sachets. With our wealth of experience, we can work with you to decide on the best course of action. There aren’t many types of product we haven’t seen!

Next up, we may need to test your product to ensure it is compatible with our machines and sachets. Generally, we will not need to do this as we’ve tested so many in the past, but every now and again something might come along that needs to be checked!

After we are sure your product is viable for us, we’re at the design stage. We understand that designing your product can be a difficult challenge. After all, it isn’t necessarily your job to make the product look good! We can provide printing and cutting guides for our machines so you can easily design your products. Alternatively, you can send us your logo and we can create the layout for you. We also have a network of creative designers we can put you in touch with should you be looking for something special.

Finally, it’s all down to us! We can print the designs and move on to filling the sachets. We can then send the loose bulk to you, directly from the machine after quality checking, or we can secondary pack the sachets. This can either be in generic boxes or bespoke packaging ready for supermarket shelves.

Technical Details for Contract Sachet Filling

Over the years we have procured a range of pumps to allow us to mass-fill sachets for our customers. This gives us the diversity in product-compatibility that our clients desire. Our sachet sizes range from miniscule 1ml up to 40ml and our pumps are accurate to a tolerance of 0.1ml. For our wet wipe offering, we can produce sachets from 50mm x 50mm to 140mm x 150mm, and can cut and fold wipes up to a size of 500mm x 230mm.

Packaging can be custom-designed, ensuring your branding is prominent, as well as covering any regulatory information that has to be included by law. Guardpack are experts in this area, so can help keep the packaging for your products legal should you need any aid.

Production runs can start as low as 2,000 sachets, which can be packaged for you, entirely ready to send straight out to stores. These low-runs are ideal for promotional materials for trade shows, trialling products, included as samples in magazines or included in targeted mail-outs. However, should you need to mass-produce your product we can also facilitate this, filling tens of thousands of sachets daily.

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