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How the fast-food industry can utilise wet wipe sachets

The fast-food industry is one that we have all encountered at least once in our lives (conservatively speaking!) As people who are constantly on the go, fast food has become a necessity in order to match the speed of our daily routines. Who doesn’t love a quick and easy burger or a grab and go breakfast?

There are obvious links between wet wipe sachets and fast food, but sometimes, restaurants forget how powerful they can be. KFC are quite literally known for their lemon scented wipes! Here at Guardpack, we think no fast-food outlet should be without wet wipes – they go hand in hand! Today, we thought we would talk you through how wet wipes are beneficial for your brand. We also want to talk to you about what the team here at Guardpack can offer you.

Using Wet Wipes in Restaurants

Normal, sit-down restaurants can make use of wet wipe sachets, such as handing them out with ribs, burgers and other meals where people use their hands over cutlery. However, it is almost imperative for the fast-food industry, where almost all of the food is eaten by hand.

Whether it’s giving a customer a wet wipe with their order or having a pot of them near the sauce station, these handy little sachets will help your customers keep their hands clean. This should help customers stay cleaner during their visit, therefore keeping your premises cleaner. Of course, they also help keep germs at bay. As a result, making life a little cleaner and safer for both you and your customers.

Guardpack’s wet wipes can be impregnated with any antibacterial liquid. This can either be formulated by you or us, to ensure your customers are keeping bacteria at bay whilst they enjoy their food. These wet wipes can be produced as single wet wipe sachets, featuring your company branding, which makes them easy to hand to customers who can use them whilst visiting, or take them home to use at a later date. This is great for keeping your brand at the front of your customers’ minds and reminding them how helpful you are. Everyone likes getting something for free, even if it is something small.

We also produce multi-pack wet wipes in our mywipe range, which are handy for quickly wiping down surfaces during the day. This is a lot more convenient than walking around with a spray and cloth, which can easily get dirty throughout the day. These products are available “off-the-shelf” but can also be branded with your designs, if you’d like that extra-special touch!

Trade Shows

During the year, there are many food and drink trade shows across the UK that allow fast food companies to showcase their delicious products. With hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people visiting these shows over the course of one week, there is ample opportunity for business and sales. Many businesses like to have food or drink samples available for guests to take away and try. This often causes a mess and ultimately, it will make it harder for you to clean up at the end of a long day. Individual wet wipes can help to ease the clear up and help you get home quicker. They can be used throughout the day by customers to clear up any mess and of course, keep their own fingers clean.

Thanks to our wet wipe sachets, this will no longer be a problem. They come in different sizes with sachets, flowpacks (ranging from 10 to 50 wipes per pack), multipacks, and individual wet wipes. So, whatever you need to clean, our wipes will keep germs at bay; especially if you choose to infuse them with antibacterial liquid. Whether you are keeping a flowpack behind the counter to clean spillages, or handing individual wet wipe sachets to customers, you can stay germ free whilst attending big events like these. Unlike other wet wipe manufacturers, Guardpack can also offer very low bulk numbers – from only 2,000 units! This means you can buy the individual wet wipes specifically for a trade show if you don’t need to use them in your restaurant after.


Speaking of trade shows and handing things to customers, how many times have you been to a show and grabbed freebies? Come on, don’t lie, it’s more than once, right? That’s because people love trying new products and what better item to give a potential customer than wet wipe sachets with your branding on it! It is likely you’ll be giving out some free samples of your products, so why not include something extra?

Giving away a free product, even something as small as a wet wipe, helps people to trust your brand and to keep them coming back. The gift of something free leaves customers with a warm feeling that they associate with your brand. This is especially true when it is thoughtful, which handing out a wipe with food certainly is. They will remember how helpful you were and are more likely to return in the future to buy food from you.

Including a wet wipe sachet with every order at your restaurant, or at a trade show, allows customers to take away something with your branding on it. These packets will certainly get your name out there. It also serves as an interesting alternative to business cards!

Our wet wipe sachets are available with custom branding options, including bespoke packaging and the product versatility that makes Guardpack’s products unique. We can customise the product entirely to your brand, even down to the liquid they are impregnated with.

The Technical Side of Guardpack’s Wet Wipe Sachets

Our private label service here at Guardpack allows us to create wet wipe sachets fit for any brand. Wet-wipe sachets range in sizes from 50mm x 50mm to 140mm x 150mm and can cut and fold wipes up to a size of 500mm x 230mm. They are available variety of different packaging materials to suit your branding.

Our flow wrapping machine and tissue cutting equipment allows us to produce resealable multi-packs that contain anywhere between 5 to 50 wipes. This means we can produce not only single wet wipes for customers’ sticky fingers, but we are able to produce packs of antibacterial wipes to aid with cleaning your restaurant.

Our mywipe product is an anti-bacterial surface wipe that is perfect for use in the kitchen other surfaces in your restaurant. They contain STERiZAR®, a specially formulated alcohol-free hand & surface sanitiser, and can kill off 99.99% of bacteria that they come into contact with within 30 seconds. You can keep your restaurant free from mess whilst helping to combat bacteria and ensure viruses are kept at bay.

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