Children at bowling alley reflecting how our role as private label wet wipe manufacturers can help reassert confidence into the leisure industry.

Using Wet Wipe Products To Reassert Confidence Into Leisure Venues

In terms of confidence going back, some businesses have naturally had it harder than others when trying to earn customer’s trust. If you’re a restaurant business, then whilst you might have understandable concerns over hygiene, you’re most likely going to be keeping to yourself and not sharing around your food (unless you’re having a Tapas style dish, and even then you’re sharing with those at your table and not strangers around you!). However, what about those businesses that rely on frequently touched, frequently shared equipment? Leisure venues fall into that category more than most and have understandably had a hard time getting people out in the droves they once did – they seem, rightly or wrongly, a higher risk to many. Here at Guardpack, private label wet wipe manufacturers in the south of England, we wanted to discuss how leisure venues can help regain some of that lost consumer confidence.

Plentiful Supply Of Wet Wipes

Whether you operate a bowling alley, a sports hall or a spa facility, having multipacks of wet wipes regularly stationed around your building will not only uphold cleanliness, but re-instil customer confidence, too. It’s understandable that you might be concerned about going bowling, for example, when all the bowling balls are shared and where arcade machines are frequently used. Giving both staff and customers the opportunity to regularly wipe down and clean kit, though,

Showcase Your Customer Service

Asides from a more general provision of multipack wet wipe products dotted about a premise, leisure venues might also benefit from offering individual wet wipes whenever they interact with customers. What do we mean by this? Well, let’s take the example of the bowling alley a bit further; you go to the alley and conduct the age-old ritual of swapping your shoes at the counter. As you give your customer the shoes, also giving them an additional couple of individual wet wipes shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile, in terms of customer safety.

Not Everybody Is So Hygiene Conscious

One of the things about leisure venues, whatever it may be, is that they tend to attract a heavy footfall from children. This is a great thing, of course, but it might also at the minute be something of a curse, too. Children are, by nature, curious. They’re going to touch things lots – no matter how much you tell them – and they’re less likely to be aware of the importance or the consequences that poor hygiene can have, even after the year we’ve all had.

Even pre-pandemic, soft play/jungle gym type facilities had developed something of a reputation as being a bit of a ‘germ’ fest. Now, though, there’s going to be even more reticence. Whether you start to employ designated COVID staff who regularly go around cleaning equipment, give customers their own freshly cleaned equipment upon entry or anything else, you’re going to have to go further than previously just to get the same results, when talking about customer confidence.

‘Leisure Venue’ Is An Umbrella Term

It would be very easy, of course, for smaller leisure venues to feel that “it’s all very well putting these additional hygiene measures in place if you’re a large enough business to afford them, but what about for smaller businesses?”. And it’s, of course, a justifiable concern what with how narrow many smaller businesses’ margins and overheads are. If you’re reliant on cash flow, then how could you conceivably expect to splash out on bulk-bought hygiene products?

However, small businesses don’t have to go big with their purchases. Here at Guardpack, we offer printing runs for our wet wipe products of as low as 2,000. This means that leisure venues can benefit, whatever size they happen to be. With the option to also brand the wipes with your own company branding, leisure venues can elevate their professionalism to a whole new level. Be the bowling alley that offers their own branded wipes, the leisure centre that offers shampoo sachets for when you’ve forgotten your own, the arcade that offers complementary finger wipes as default!

It Will, Invariably, Take Time

No matter how well you implement these measures – and other COVID-secure features like one-way systems, for instance – you can’t expect to instantly rebuild that confidence. We’d not be surprised if leisure venues find it amongst the toughest to get back to pre-COVID levels, but that’s not to say that those previous successes can’t be reached.

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