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Uses for multipack wipes around the house

Within the last couple of years our nation has become more conscious about our cleanliness. Whether it’s around the house of out and about, we never have multipack wipes far from us. If you’re looking to add a new wipe product to your range, there are many options you can provide that customers will use almost daily. In this blog, Guardpack will take a closer look into the use of wipes around the home.

We provide a variety of fabric materials to fit our clients’ need. This includes fully biodegradable plastic free tissue crepe, 100% viscose and 100% cotton wipes, as well as abrasive non-woven materials for those really tough jobs.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning companies are everyone’s best friend at the minute and the demand for new and innovative products to improve cleanliness is high. With this particular industry proving to be incredibly competitive and highly saturated this year, it would be a benefit to any cleaning company to take advantage of wipe options and introduce new products that can further help consumers keep their homes clean and germ free.


One of the most important rooms in the house to keep clean is the kitchen. If you have a product that currently comes in a spray bottle, why not diversify your product range to include multipack wipes. Gaurdpack’s wipes can be impregnated with any approved formula meaning any anti-bacterial formula you have in your spray bottles, can also be added to our wipes. Wipes in the kitchen are easy to access and can quickly clear up any messes made or serve as a far easier way to ensure a surface is clean.


Having wipes in the bathroom to clean areas can provide a more germ-free way to deal with bacteria. Disinfectants can kill a lot of bacteria, however they have to stay on a surface for several minutes before people wipe it off to be effective. Unfortunately, they are usually wiped too fast to stop the spread of germs, making sprays less effective in bathrooms. Multipack wipes with anti-bacterial liquid are more likely to do a better job at cleaning a bathroom due to the length of time the liquid will stay on the surfaces. Another reason wipes perform better is down to cleaning cloths. When people use sprays, they tend to use the same cleaning cloth over and over before putting it in the wash. As you can imagine, this carries a lot of germs. This can actually continue the spread of germs instead of preventing it, carrying germs to all surfaces. Wipes can be disposed of as soon as a surface has been wiped, so the risk of spreading is minimal.

Other rooms

Multipack wipes can be used all around the house. Having a pack of anti-bacterial wipes in every room means you’ll never be far from being able to clean up messes and you will always have a way to clean a surface. Wipes don’t just have to be used for getting rid of bacteria, they can also be used for other things, such as glass cleaner for windows, doors and tables, or polish wipes for getting rid of dust in hard to reach places within the home. Anything is possible with Guardpack wipes. We allow full customisation of not only the packaging but also other elements. Our versatile machinery and tissue cutting equipment allows us to customise the size of the wipe, the material, the weight, and the liquid of the packs. We can also provide euro slots where needed.


So many people have a furry friend within their home, and big or small, they deserve the very best. The pet care sector grows year by year and many more companies are taking advantage of it. Our multipack wipes are perfect for branching into this sector. Every pet owner need a pack of wipes handy to ensure their pet is clean. After long walks, especially at the time of year, dogs are likely to be muddy. Keeping a pack of wipes by the door will make it easier for customers to clean their pets before they enter the house.

Guardpack have an advantage when it comes to manufacturing wipes for pets. We are able to impregnate the wipes with specially concocted liquid that is made specifically for animals. This is particularly useful as many pets can have sensitive skin or allergies to certain things. You will also be able to add scents that will give customers pets a wonderful scent, whilst being safe for the animals too!

Beauty Products

One thing companies often neglect is multipack wipes within the beauty industry. Often just used for makeup wipes, there are actually a range of things that wipes can be impregnated with that can be used within the home in beauty products. Customers are likely to buy facial wipes more than another product to cleanse their face due to the simplicity of just using one wipe and throwing them away. They are also easier and more convenient to carry around if someone is leaving the house to go away on holiday.

Here at Guardpack, our multipack wipes can be tailored to your brand. We will provide you with print and cutter guides so that you can design perfectly to the measurements of the packaging. If you do not have a design you wish you place on your wipes, we can take your logo and lay it out for you to proof so you are happy with your final design. Guardpack will also add any important ingredients information to your packaging, which is perfect for ensuring your customers know exactly what is within your wipes.

Contact Guardpack

If you are interested in diversifying your products to include multipack wipes that will benefit your consumers in multiple areas around the house, get in touch with us today! We can also offer other contract manufacturing services including private label wet wipes and sachet filling with completely customisable packaging. Call us on 01245 505 807 today or fill out one of the online enquiry forms on our website – we would love to hear from you!

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