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The Various Benefits Of Cosmetic Sampling

“Try before you buy” is one of the oldest marketing slogans out there – and with good reason. Sample marketing (and cosmetic sampling, in particular) is one of the most effective marketing strategies available to a brand. After all, if you’re trying to convince customers to purchase something “usable”, then letting them go ahead and use it is a pretty good place to start.

As a contract sachet manufacturer, we know just how effective sachet sampling can be; especially in a world now so heavily reliant on digital media, the physical process of trying out a product is still incredibly hard to beat. With that in mind, we wanted to cover some of the benefits a business can get from cosmetic product sampling.

Some Product Sampling Statistics

Figures matter in the world of business, and there are few better ways to convince you as to the effectiveness of cosmetic sampling than by showing you the evidence. Here are some interesting facts regarding product sampling across various industries:

  • A study by Arbitron found that after trying samples, over a one quarter (26%) of those who previously hadn’t heard of the product went on to buy it. Similarly telling is that just under one fifth of those who’d heard of the product but never bought it went onto buy it after sampling. In other words, it works!
  • Some reports have found that as many as 73% of consumers were likely to buy a product upon sampling it.
  • The effects of free samples have been shown in previous studies in the publication Marketing Journal to still be impacting customer purchasing intent a remarkable 52 weeks (a whole year) after being given the sample.

The Easiest Way To Product Test

Asides from the initial anxieties that accompany launching a new product, there are the very real financial worries, as well. It makes far better business sense to gauge customer reaction on a small scale by sachet sampling. This, as opposed to launching a whole new product on nothing but a wing, a prayer and a focus group. If the product is good enough, then you should ultimately let it do the talking.

Thanks to Guardpack’s low-run manufacturing capabilities, you can more freely trial your potential products – even those you’re less confident on – safe in the knowledge that even should said product not be as well-received with customers as you thought it might, then financial losses will be minor. What’s more, product sampling in this way is an easy, quick and reliable way of getting helpful product feedback.


Cosmetic sampling in the form of sachet sampling is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective means to market your product. Sachets are a particularly economical sampling medium. They enable you to use something very small to promote something much, much bigger.

Build Rock-Solid Confidence

One of the greatest assets of cosmetic sampling as a marketing tool is the manner in which it helps build more resolute brand and product confidence. Any business can make grand claims and tout their product’s miraculous properties, but the proof, as they say, is always in the pudding. In this way, product sampling doesn’t just build consumer confidence, it builds trust and loyalty as well.

Even if a customer doesn’t go onto buy your product after sampling it, the fact that they’ve been given it as a ‘goodwill gesture’ means they’re more likely to recommend it to someone else as their own good gesture, in turn. This is called the law of reciprocity; it means that even if you don’t get a direct sale from your product sample, you’re getting indirect benefits, too.

Digital Sampling

With the proliferation of online shopping in recent years, something which has affected the cosmetics industry is the inability for online shoppers to sample. For such a sensory-driven industry, losing the sampling tool in the toolkit has been something of a struggle. In fact, according to a study by BigCommerce, 58% of surveyed shoppers cited an inability to test products as being amongst the main reasons stopping them from going on to buy them.

Given that at the minute, especially, so much of retail has shifted to an online setting, it’s not a sales avenue you want to be missing out upon as a business. Beauty and cosmetic brands, therefore, are increasingly turning to their samples; by sending free samples out directly to the customer, they’re able to bring a little bit of the shop into the the consumer’s home.

Our Cosmetic Sampling And Sachet Filling Services:

As a contract sachet manufacturer, Guardpack can produce sachets for the following products within the cosmetic industry:

  • Eye creams
  • Collagen drops
  • Facial oils
  • Body lotions
  • Hair treatments and more…

These products typically all come bottled; it would be far too expensive, therefore, to send out as samples. As a result, liquid-filled sachets present the ideal solution. It’s not a case of “one-sachet-fits-all”, either! Over the years, Guardpack has invested in a range of pumps allowing a variety of fillings; these include oils and high viscosity creams. Sachets can also be dosed from as low as 1ml to 40ml per sachet, and can be manufactured using foil, plastic, paper or recyclable film laminate, subject to liquid testing.

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