An image of a child using antibacterial wipes to represent their importance in the upcoming return to schools.

The Role Antibacterial Wipes Should Play in The Upcoming ‘Return To Schools’

Earlier this week, the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his much-anticipated ‘roadmap’. Within this, he outlined his vision for how England will begin to transition out of its third lockdown. Hopefully, this will be the very last time. The first port-of-call within the plan was the return of children to schools in England from the 8th March. Everybody has had a rough time of it over the past year, but young people have been particularly badly affected. Not only has there been lost learning time but the loss of crucial social interactions and pastoral opportunities, as well. The return to schools is more than welcome. The safety of pupils, however, has to be – and continue to be – the foremost priority.

With testing regimes to be introduced within schools across the country, there’s a risk of complacency beginning to slip in. We’ve all meticulously cultivated these hygiene and hand-washing habits over the past year, it would be a shame if some of this was neglected purely “because we’ve got a testing programme in place”. Reducing the viral spread remains more crucial than ever before; Guardpack’s own range of antibacterial supplies (under the mywipe brand) are ideal in providing schoolchildren with that extra bit of ‘hygiene help’ that’s going to be so important over the coming months.

Antibacterial Hand Wipes For Pupils

Many of us have a notion of kids being confident and resilient with an unshakeable feeling of immortality. For many children, though, the whole situation has been incredibly anxiety-inducing. There’s been a constant stream of doom and gloom on our TVs and devices for an entire year. Even with all the necessary COVID-secure measures in place, then, many children will be feeling (understandably) worried about returning.

Schools and colleges have a responsibility to look after not only student physical health but their mental health, as well. By providing students with their own packs of antibacterial hand and surface wipes, you’ll help to dispel any lingering fears. Our own competitively-priced range of antibacterial hand and surface wipes come in a handy and portable size, meaning students (and staff) will be able to carry them around with them, wherever they go.

Schools Might Be Low-Risk, But They’re Still Not No Risk…

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported back in October last year that “children and schools are unlikely to be the main drivers of COVID-19 transmission” and whilst that might be the case, that’s not to say that the virus can’t be spread through schools. We’ve all been told to reduce points of contact wherever possible over the past year. Within a school setting, however, that can actually be quite difficult.

Doors being opened and closed by hundreds of pupils, shared facilities and classroom materials passed between pupils (even when told not to – kids will be kids, after all) mean there’s still always that risk of transmission. Encouraging pupils to wipe down their desks before or after each lesson (or both) and before they use any shared equipment is a simple but effective way of minimising the risk of viral transmission, particularly if everybody is doing it!

Hand Wipe Sachets – Hygiene When Hungry

The lunchtime rush will soon be back upon our nation’s pupils. These mealtimes are an area where extra care and additional hygiene measures are most definitely needed. With shared trays and cutlery being used and hands being close to our faces as an unavoidable part of eating, the dining hall has the potential to be a hotbed of transmission. We’ve no doubt that schools will be aware of this and doubling down on their cleaning. Even so, however, a little bit of extra caution won’t go amiss.

Our hand wipe sachets with SteriZar protection come in cases of 500, and are perfect to give out to pupils at mealtimes; the quick-acting sanitiser coating the wipe (which works within 30 seconds) is proven to kill 99.999% of germs. It also provides a protective barrier on skin for up to 6 hours, and surfaces for up to 30 days! They’re perfect for schoolchildren of all ages, with the formula being alcohol-free, kind on sensitive skin and fast-drying.

Contact Guardpack

Schools were the last to close and the first to open back up; they’re certainly as pivotal a part of pandemic discussions as anything else, but with all that polarised opinion, what we should all be remembering is the health, safety and wellbeing of those we’re telling to go back.

So, if you’d like to find out more about our own range of antibacterial wipes or about our other contract manufacturing services, which include sachet filling and private label wipe manufacturing, then get in touch! Contact Guardpack today on 01245 505807 or by filling out one of our online enquiry forms on our website.

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