Suncream sachets and insect repellent wipes

The Outdoor Seating ‘Starter Kit’ – Finger Wipes, Suncream Sachets & Insect Repellent Wipes

Spring time is a changeable season weather-wise, to say the least. There’s a reason, after all, that the term April showers is so well recognised. Ours is a nation where one minute you can be basking in glorious sunshine, and the next? Well, it’s not unheard of to have that sunbathing interrupted by a snow shower or two… With restaurants getting ready to reopen for outdoor dining, there are a few supplies (like suncream sachets, for instance) that hospitality businesses can offer to paying customers to make sure their first dining experience back is a good one.

The team here at Guardpack manufactures private label products for a whole range of industries, including the restaurant and hospitality sectors. We wanted to explore some of the products restaurant businesses should look to consider to maximise their customer’s long-awaited post-pandemic meal out, especially with the return date for outdoor dining just around the corner.

It’s The UK – You Can’t Rule Any Weather Out…

It would be typical if, after having waited for months and months to finally get back to your eatery of choice, you then go and get yourself the mother of all sunburns and spoil the whole occasion. As a restaurant business, your staple fare might have always been food and drink, but – for the immediate future, at least – you’re going to have to play weather forecasters as well.

You need to be prepared for the bad weather; we’ve probably all seen how hospitality businesses have invested in space heaters, blankets and table umbrellas to prepare for inclement conditions, but you’ve got to be ready for the other end of the spectrum, as well. For when there’s blazing sunshine outside, we recommend offering your customers complementary suncream sachets in case they’ve forgotten to lather up, beforehand, or in case the weather changes very quickly.

Not only does it leave your customers protected, it leaves your business in their good books, too. Post-pandemic, customers are going to be looking at levels of service as a differentiator between businesses. Offering them little extras like this shows you’re prepared to go the extra mile for them. We offer suncream sachets both under our own brand (mywipe) as well as private label manufacture, specifically tailored to your restaurant brand. With manufacturing runs starting as low as 2,000, we can help prepare you, whatever size your restaurant business or chain.

Fright Of The Bumblebee…

Or should that be wasp? Whether you’re having a picnic in the local park with friends, or a boozy brunch at your local upmarket café, nothing quite ruins your experience like the arrival of our buzzing friends. Flies, midges, bees, wasps – whatever the insect, you don’t want them in your face whilst you’re trying to enjoy your burger. A quick wipe down with one of our handy insect repellent wipes, pre-meal, will stave off any unwanted visitors as you catch up with friends over a dish or two.

Easy Hygiene, Easy To Dispose…

Individual finger wipes have long since overtaken finger bowls as the preferred method to clean sticky fingers after a meal. What’s more, they’re perfect for the post-pandemic world, where keeping on top of our good hygiene habits is essential. With their small size, mild fragrance and the opportunity to brand the sachets your wipes come in, these little extras will help position your catering business – just as with the suncream sachets and insect repellent wipes – as one in which the customers are put first.

The formula we use within our finger wipes not only smells great, but it’s effective on a hygiene front, too, with it having been certified to EN1276 as killing 99.999% of bacteria. With many customers still likely anxious around returning to hospitality settings, this will help put their minds at ease.

The Perfect Trio

Why not combine all three into one comprehensive outdoor dining kit for your eager customers? For years, pubs have stored sauce sachets and cutlery out on the tables, how about swapping that out for some post-pandemic essentials, instead? Individual finger wipes, suncream sachets and insect repellent wipes aren’t necessarily going to be at the forefront of every customer’s minds, that is, of course, until they realise just how handy all three items prove to be!

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These final few days are crucial in restaurants putting the finishing touches on their reopening strategy. Our finger wipes and sachets provide one such crucial finishing touch. So, if you’d like to find out more about our white label services aimed at the restaurant sector, then get in touch! Contact Guardpack today on 01245 505 807 or by emailing us at Alternatively, you can fill out one of our online enquiry forms on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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