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The Hallmark of High-Quality Makeup Wipes

If we’re honest with ourselves, there haven’t exactly been a huge number of opportunities to wear makeup over the past twelve months, at least not beyond a quick application of foundation before we pop to the shops! Now, though, with restaurants reopening and the prospect of social contact limits being relaxed entirely from late June, many people will be excited to get glammed up once more.

Where there’s makeup, though, there’s the need for makeup remover and that’s where makeup wipes come in. There’s a world of difference, however, between good and bad makeup wipes.

The team here at Guardpack produces a variety of beauty and cosmetic wet wipe products, including our private label makeup wipe multipacks – ideal for those health and beauty companies looking to enhance their portfolio, or for a high-quality home-grown manufacturer. We wanted to talk through what customers are looking when searching for makeup wipes.

Get Rid of the Toughest of Makeup

The number one priority for any makeup wipe must be that it does its job! Customers aren’t going to buy your makeup wipes, after all, if they don’t do the basics – there’s really no point in offering a wipe if it can’t tackle the really heavy-duty stuff!

The formulas and fabrics we utilise in our private label makeup wipe multipacks tackle even the most robust makeup products like mascara and eye liner. Traditionally, though, the difficulty for businesses has been sourcing wipes like this that still manage to go easy on the skin, but that’s where we can help…

Soft On Skin

Nobody wants to be using a makeup wipe that feels like sandpaper on their skin. In the world of health and beauty, brand loyalty is huge. In other words, you effectively only have once chance in which to impress customers before they look elsewhere. Beyond its basic makeup-removing performance, if the makeup wipes you offer don’t feel good on the skin, too, then the chances of you keeping that customer in the future have practically vanished.

That’s why our private label multipack makeup wipes are manufactured from soft fabric, designed to go easy on the skin, but still hard on the makeup! The makeup removal formula we use in our private label makeup wipes is also both parabens-free and alcohol free; why does this matter? These ingredients contribute towards irritated and angry skin, particularly in those people naturally prone to having sensitive skin.

Offering your customers makeup wipes without these chemicals, therefore, will really help show off that your wipes are as easy-going on skin as they are effective. Our formula is also infused with naturally soothing ingredients such as chamomile and aloe vera, so your customers will know that they’re not using a more natural and not a heavily industrial wipe, something which is important in this era of sustainability and greener living.

Portable (Great for the Coming Months…)

We’re all going to be getting out and about a lot more in the coming months, and there are few handbag staples like a handy multipack of makeup wipes. It’s an undoubtedly shrewd business move for cosmetics companies to capitalise on this ‘return to normality’ trend, and tap into the fact that with more socialising comes more makeup, and more makeup means the need for more wipes!

Uncertain Economic Times Call For Home-Grown Manufacturers

If you’ve been looking to broaden your product portfolio, then makeup wipes are a solid addition to opt for. In recent years, you might well have looked to cheaper production overseas to produce your wipes, however it’s costing more and more to import products from overseas, so it’s well worth looking closer to home for your white label products.

We can offer a guarantee of quality as well as the removal of any risk of logistics hold-ups or delays that might otherwise be present when importing from abroad. We also have both UK and EU representatives meaning we can guarantee that you’ll be able to sell your makeup wipes both here and in the EU market.

Contact Guardpack

So, if you’d like to find out more about our private label services, and the multipacks of makeup wipes we can produce for you, then get in touch! We can manufacture private label multipacks in runs as low as 2,000 meaning that our services are ideal for even much smaller cosmetic companies and start-ups looking to make their mark on what is historically a highly competitive and saturated sector.

Contact Guardpack today on 01245 505 807 or by emailing us at trade@guardpack.co.uk. Alternatively, you can fill out one of our online enquiry forms and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. We also offer white label manufacturing services for a range of other industries, including the automotive, restaurant, home and office sectors. If you want to view our own brand products, visit mywipe here.

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