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The Benefits of Sachets for Product Packaging

Sachets for product packaging are a great investment for businesses looking to make their mark this year. Not only is sachet packaging cost-effective, it’s consumer friendly and importantly, a more sustainable packaging option.

It’s no secret that companies are under pressure to find packaging solutions that are innovative, meeting all of the criteria above and more. The choices businesses make when it comes to their packaging preferences can have a significant impact and influence on customer behaviour. Here, the Guardpack team discuss the benefits of considering sachets as alternative product packaging going forwards.

How Do Sachets Work?

Sachets are sealed packets that vary size and contain a small portion(s) of a product. They are most commonly used to hold gels, liquids, powders and wet wipes. Sachets are a flexible packaging option and come in various forms, for example, flat sachets, and stand-up pouches.

Sachets can be made specifically to client requests. From the desired shape and size and the printing of branding and product information, to creating the liquid formulas and filling to the desired volume.

Advantages of Using Sachets for Product Packaging


Sustainable Alternative

Sachets for product packaging are a great step towards reducing your company’s carbon footprint and minimising negative environmental impact. Sachets use less material overall than other packaging options, this means less waste is generated during the manufacturing process.

What’s more, sachets can be made from recyclable materials. This encourages recycling after use, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. This plays a large role in the circular economy, where materials used in sachet packaging can be recycled and reused to create new products. This closes the loop and reduces the need for virgin materials.

Space Saving Stock

Sachets for product packaging are space-saving and lightweight when compared to other traditional packaging options. This makes them more cost-effective for transportation and storage. A slimline design enables higher numbers of stock can be transported safely and also allows more product on the shelf than boxes, bottles and jars. The use of sachet packaging reduces the amount of outer packaging needed for distribution and importantly, opens more opportunity for sale.

Product Longevity

Sachets provide a dry and airtight environment, with the addition of protection from light and humidity. These precautions help to preserve freshness and the overall shelf life of the product inside for much longer than other vessels.

Consumer Convenience

Sachets are an extremely user-friendly packaging option. They’re easy to open and dispense via tear notches or spouts that allow consumers quick and convenient access to their product. These options work to enhance the overall user experience and naturally, increase customer satisfaction levels.

Additionally, sachet packaging is small and neat. This makes sachet products an essential for those who are often on the go, or like to travel. They also adhere to the airline policy of carrying under 100ml liquids for travel. Their pocket-sized nature means ultimate convenience and accessibility, which heightens the appeal for busy consumers looking at purchases that meet their fast-paced lifestyle criteria.

These important factors can lead to higher purchase rates, repeat business and recommendations to others. So, considering your product packaging options is fundamental to encourage increased revenue.

Easy to Customise

From tear and share style openings and easy squeeze nozzles, to bespoke messaging and product filling. Sachets for product packaging are extremely versatile in terms of any customisation options. Packaging can easily be designed to showcase business branding and product benefits in a digestible way. Customising your finished product to reflect your brand identity is key. With the use of modern technology, you can produce innovative and unique designs to accompany your new and existing products.

Regardless of what you’re selling, by customising your sachet design, you are able to bolster awareness for your brand, whilst capitalising on customer satisfaction. If you’d like to know more about Guardpack’s bespoke printing options, click here.


Sachet packaging is cost-effective and often, much more affordable for businesses overall. The material cost of sachets is far lower than that of plastic bottles, tubes or containers. They also take up far less space and weigh less meaning lower transport and storage costs across the board.

Furthermore, due to the longer shelf life of sachet products in contrast to traditional packaging choices, businesses can reduce product waste and avoid losses due to expired produce.

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With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing sachets for product packaging, the Guardpack team can help you to meet your business demands this new year. We provide our clients with a range of filling options and can dose samples to your requirements, from 1ml to 40ml per sachet.

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