An image of diners during the pandemic eating outdoors to represent the importance of hand wipes for restaurants when they reopen, soon.

Stocking Up On Hand Wipes: What Restaurants Need To Do Before Reopening

Last week, we wrote about the upcoming return to schools and how both staff and pupils alike can be better protected with the plentiful provision of hand wipes. Whilst the reopening of restaurants and other eateries may still be a way off yet, to dine in at least, we’ve all learnt over the past 12 months that preparedness is crucial in order to endure these difficult times.

The provisional date given to hospitality venues within UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘roadmap’ was (not before) 17 May (for indoor dining) and (not before) 12 April for dining outdoors. Although that still seems a while off yet, it’ll roll around soon enough and the team here at Guardpack, manufacturers of both their own hand wipes as well as private label manufacturing services, want to help ensure that when that time comes? You’re ready and raring to go.

Why Do Restaurants Have The Potential To Be Hotspots For Viral Transmission?

There has been both very fierce and very public debate about viral transmission risk within hospitality settings over the past year, with some restauranteurs claiming that with all the additional COVID-securing measures they’d implemented in order to get back open, they were in actual fact amongst the safest places you could be when it came to transmission risk. Others, though – the UK Government, included – have maintained the role that restaurants and other hospitality venues play in viral transmission is significant.

What’s not debated, though, is that were those additional COVID-securing measures not in place, there’s a very real risk of viral spread. And it doesn’t take too much thinking about to understand why, either. Saliva-stained tissues, waiting staff moving from table to table, seating and tables usually close to one another (both on your own table and those around you), the use of shared toilet facilities. That’s before you even begin to factor in the impact that alcohol can have on top of that in terms of relaxing people’s behaviours and adherence to restrictions.

You Can Never Take Too Much Care

The point, then, is that even with additional measures in place, and even with utmost caution, restaurants will l always have an inherent risk to them due to what they offer, and so hygiene vigilance is crucial; a generous supply of branded hand wipes not only makes your brand look good, but it helps both you and your patrons safe, as well.

Hand Wipes For Customers

Here at Guardpack, we’ve been manufacturing private label individual hand wipes for the hospitality and restaurant sector for over 20 years. Offering out these wipes to your customers – emblazoned as they are with your branding and logo – shows a class of professionalism and care that most other eateries simply won’t go to. Building back trust, loyalty and confidence is going to play a huge part in the customer’s overall journey back towards ‘normality’ – whatever that now means! What’s more, we provide low-quantity manufacturing runs meaning that even if you own and operate a much smaller restaurant business, you can still get that touch of professionalism and that ‘signature of customer care’ that branded hand wipes provide you with.

If you’re wanting to show your customers that you’re committed to their hygiene and safety, but don’t want to go the whole hog with having branded sachets made, then we offer specific restaurant hand wipes under our own-brand, mywipe. These include standard and luxury options, as well as sustainable biodegradable hand wipes for the more environmentally-conscious restauranteur.

Many will feel anxious again (just as they did back in the summer) about going back to restaurants and other similar settings. There’ll also be a large number of people for whom – either as a result of having to ‘shield’ or simply not having deeming it safe enough in the summer – this return will be the first taste of ‘normality’ in well over a year and a half.

… And Hand Wipes For Staff

Of course, in any restaurant, fast-food chain, pub, bar or brasserie, the customers only form half of the picture. The employees form the other half. The staff are the lifeblood of any hospitality venue; from the chefs to the bartenders, the waiters and waitresses to the pot-washers, a good restaurant is a well-oiled machine that works like clockwork. Your staff need to feel as safe and protected as your customers do and there’s also no point, after all, in ensuring that your customers’ hygiene is up to scratch if the same can’t be said for your team and the restaurant, itself!

At the same time, however, you don’t necessarily want to use up your nice, branded individual hand wipes on keeping your surfaces and behind-the-scenes areas clean. For that, what you want is a good, all-purpose antibacterial surface wipe. Our antibacterial hand and surface wipes are ideal for when staff need to give surfaces a thorough wipe down or their hands a quick clean. The wipes themselves are impregnated with a powerful SteriZar formula which kills 99.999% of bacteria, and is perfect for keeping a hygienic environment.

Contact Us

If you’d like to find out more about our various hand wipe products (either under the mywipe brand or through our private label services) then get in touch. Contact Guardpack today on 01245 505 807 or by filling out one of our enquiry forms on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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