An image of a boy with suncream on after using insect repellent wipes during summer.

Stock up on sun cream sachets and insect repellent wipes in time for summer

As the days grow longer and the temperatures steadily rise, we eagerly welcome the arrival of summer. The joys of the season, however, come with a need to protect ourselves, with insect repellent wipes, for example. This skin-saving item should always be accompanied by another, too: sun cream sachets.

Here, the Guardpack team have explored the importance of stocking up on these essential items in time for summer.

Shielding Your Skin from Harmful UV Rays

One of summer’s great joys is spending time outdoors, basking in the warmth of the sun. It’s crucial to remember, however, that prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can be very dangerous. More specifically, it can lead to sunburn, premature ageing, and an increased risk of skin cancer. This is why sun cream is such an indispensable companion.

Designed to protect skin from UV radiation, sun cream acts as a barrier, reflecting and absorbing the harmful rays. This ultimately prevents them from penetrating the skin. Applying sun cream before heading out (and reapplying throughout the day) not only reduces the risk of irritating sunburn, but also safeguards against long-term skin damage.

At Guardpack, we recognise the significance of sun protection. Therefore, we offer convenient individual sun cream sachets under our mywipe brand! This sun cream provides SPF 25 and 50 protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It’s very quick to dry and won’t leave you feeling greasy like many other sun creams. Furthermore, large bottles of cream can be cumbersome, especially when you want to travel light on a hot day. Our sachets can also be taken on-board a flight in your hand luggage, without restriction.

Seriously Underutilised: Insect Repellent Wipes

Whilst simmering brings sunshine and warmth, it also attracts less pleasant companions – mosquitos. Insect bites not only cause irritating itchiness, but also have the potential to transmit diseases. Whilst you needn’t expect this in the UK sun, not all countries are so lucky. To enjoy your summer activities without the annoyance of insect bites, stocking up on insect repellent wipes is essential.

Suitable for anyone over the age of six months, our insect repellent wipes are impregnated with the highly effective Citrepel 75® and offer protection from a wide range of biting insects for up to 6 hours. This includes midges, sand flies, gnats, ticks, and, of course, mosquitos. Guardpack’s natural formula contains eucalyptus oils which outperform traditional active ingredients found in many insect repellents, like DEET (diethyltoluamide).

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply enjoying a picnic in the park, Guardpack’s insect repellent wipes provide peace of mind, allowing you to fully embrace the beauty of nature without the constant swatting and scratching.

The Convenience of Guardpack’s Products

Our commitment to manufacturing high-quality products extends beyond just sun cream sachets and insect repellent wipes. We offer a wide range of wet wipe products, all designed to provide convenience, hygiene, and ease of use in various situations.

Summer is a time to soak up the sun and enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s important to prioritise your health and protection. Our commitment to quality and convenience will ensure that you can enjoy your summer activities worry-free, knowing you’re equipped with all the essentials.

Whilst multipacks are available, our individually packaged, single-use sachets are ideal for travel. You can effortlessly slip a few mywipe sun cream sachets into your beach bag, ensuring you’re always prepared for any outdoor adventure!

Get in Touch

Whether you’re looking to buy in bulk or otherwise, being prepared for the summer months will only heighten the luxury the warmer months promise. If you’d like to find out more about our sun cream sachets or insect repellent wipes (either under the mywipe brand or through our private label service), please get in touch! Don’t forget to check out our Instagram for more updates!

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