Something else to blame our parents for!

Some swear that MarmiteĀ® is the only thing that will stop mosquitoes taking a bite out of you, others suggest garlic, Vitamin B, citronella candles, wrist bands, bath oils, the list is endless.

One thing we do know, is that some of us are definitely more susceptible than others. What works for you, will not necessarily work for me and more to the point a mosquito may just prefer you or me.

In actual fact, mosquitoes DO like me and my blood. On holiday in warmer climates I personally go with a two pronged attack. Firstly out in the evening I use mywipe Insect Repellent Wipes, (“now there’s a surprise”, I hear you say), but I also make sure that back in the hotel I have those plug in things by all the beds, you know the ones with the little blue pellets that gently emit an aroma to ward off the evil blighters during the night.

So do I have it all figured out? Have I got the perfect formula that protects me and my family so we never get bitten? Or is it all just down to genes, I really need to have a conversation with my brother and sister to find out.


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