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Skincare Products to Promote this Winter

The nights are arriving faster, we’re all putting our jumpers on and Christmas ads are on the TV. It can all only mean one thing. Winter is coming and we all need to be prepared for when it gets here. Dry skin. Flaky skin. Rough, cracked, itchy skin. The skincare industry has a lot of opportunity to provide their customers with useful information and products as the temperatures drop. Read on to discover some skincare tips you could share with your target market to show that you care this Christmas time.

Why is Winter such a problem for skincare?

The main issues that need to be combatted with skincare products arise from the temperature. Cold air and harsh winds outside, dry heat inside and low humidity everywhere; it all saps the moisture from skin. It can cause flakiness, redness, itchiness and cracks on your skin.

Products to prevent dry skin this Winter

One of the key products that should thrive this Winter is moisturisers. Hardly surprising, considering we are talking about remedying dry skin! However, it is worth noting that this should be applied every time you wash your skin. Washing skin is obviously very important, especially during the pandemic, but it does remove the natural oils in your skin.

We recommend that people keep moisturiser next to their sinks at home, for convenience and so they don’t forget. Whilst out and about, however, it can be difficult to find a portable solution. Guardpack works with brands to create custom sachets, which can be dosed with volumes ranging from 1ml to 40ml so you can include the perfect amount of moisturiser to replenish skin’s moisture after every wash.

Similarly, emollients are great for adding moisture to your skin, although they are more of an overnight solution. Emollients are essentially a heavy moisturiser, which takes longer to be absorbed by your skin, but they are a lot more effective. If used on parts of your body other than your face, it could be worth covering up with plastic or something you don’t mind getting covered in emollient cream. If emollients don’t seem to be doing the job, you could try using occlusives, such as cocoa butter or shea butter, which create a barrier to keep moisture in even better.

Another product which could be useful is using gentle exfoliants instead of harsher ones, which would normally work well. Exfoliation is great for removing dead skin and can make you glow, but it could be harmful during the Winter. Softer, chemical exfoliants, are a great replacement for physically scrubbing your skin away.

Products to protect skin this Winter

It may be surprising, but the sun can still affect skin during the Winter, even if you can’t feel the heat from it. This is because of UVA rays, which are harmful for skin and can cause problems for skin’s moisture barrier, which is important for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

Our recommendation is to apply sun cream after using moisturiser, which will help to lock moisture in and give you protection from the UV rays. Again, it may seem odd, but this is especially true if there is snow around, as reflections off the snow will increase the number of rays hitting your skin. Remember this if you are hitting the slopes for a skiing trip this Winter!

Guardpack have our own sun cream solution, which is perfect for this kind of scenario. Our mywipe sun cream sachets offer protection for both UVA and UVB rays to SPF 25, perfect for keeping your skin protected from the sun, whatever the weather. Each individual sachet contains 4ml of sun cream, which makes it perfect for holidays. No bulk added to your bags, no problems with having too much liquid being taken onto a plane, no risk of bottles leaking… what more do you need?

Why use sachets for skincare products?

There are a multitude of reasons why you could make a switch to sachets from bottles or use both at the same time. They are both great in different situations, so it’s good to have the options.

For starters, if you only use bottles for your packaging at the moment, sachets are great way of marketing your products. You can use sachets for sampling in stores, handing them out at trade shows or events and sending them out with other, related products. It is a very cost-effective way of getting your new products, or products that you would like to be more popular, in front of your target market.

You should also use sachets for any products that you would like to be portable. You can allow your customers the freedom to use your products wherever they are, without adding unnecessary bulk to their bags. Sachet packaging is resilient and malleable, meaning your product won’t leak, which can be an issue with traditional bottles.

Sachets are also great for controlling “portion sizes”. What we mean by this is that you can provide the perfect amount for one person to use at a time. For example, enough hand moisturiser to cover someone’s hands, without leaving excess moisturiser which can’t be absorbed. It could also be good for creating a weekly or monthly routine, providing an appropriate amount of emollient to use nightly for a week, for example. This will make it convenient for your customers and it can help to increase sales if they adopt it as a regular routine.

How Guardpack can help

Here at guardpack we have over two decades of experience working with the cosmetics and skincare industry, helping to bring products to market and creating promotional sample sachets. Our machines can fill sachets with between 1ml to 40ml of liquid product within an accuracy of 0.1ml. Production runs can start in volumes as low as 1000 sachets and can scale up to thousands of sachets per day, depending on your requirements.

We also have our own printing and cutting machines, allowing us to add your packaging designs, including your logo and regulatory information. In our extensive experience within the industry, we have worked with companies on all kinds of products. Should you need any advice on regulatory information that needs to be included on sachets, we’re here to help.

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