Shampoo sachets and more for the haircare industry from Guardpack

Shampoo sachets and more for the Hair care industry

Grab your curlers, wield those straighteners and get your hair gel at the ready, because the 1st October marks National Hair Day! We love working with hair products here at Guardpack, so what better day for us to take a look at how the hair industry can make use of our services? From luxury shampoo sachets to wax and hair repair serums, there’s nothing we can’t do here at Guardpack.

Why use sachets for haircare products?

Sachets are ideal for many hair products across the industry. You may wonder when you would use sachets over a bottle or a tub, as most hair products come packaged, but there are actually many cases where sachets outshine the alternatives.

There’s nothing worse than heading off for a nice holiday, only to get to your destination, opening up your suitcase and finding that your shampoo or shower gel has leaked everywhere. Probably due to one of those guys that lob your suitcase out of the plane. With sachets, you don’t have this problem, as they are in resilient and malleable packaging. This means that they can move with an impact, rather than bursting, like a bottle.

They are also a lot more portable as you can take the product in smaller, appropriate amounts, depending on how long you’ll be away for. This isn’t just for shampoo and conditioner, but also for shaving creams, hair gels and much more for men’s and women’s products. You can get ready at the hotel without having to lug a huge suitcase with you for just one or two nights!

Sachets are also great for home-use too. Manufacturers can put the perfect amount of product in a sachet for products that are only used every now and again. For example, a hair dye/re-toucher that is used once a week, or every two weeks. You could have 5 sachets for a 5-week program where you need to use the same amount each time. Like portion control for your hair!

Sachets are also a great way for companies to give away as samples or to trial a new product in a small quantity. You don’t want to commit to large quantities of production, just to find out that the product isn’t as popular as you thought it would be.

Make use of Guardpack’s products

Guardpack offer a range of services for clients’ products, but we also offer our own solutions. We have created our own formular under the mywipe brand for a range of hair products.

For starters, we have our refreshing, grapefruit-scented, shampoo and shower gel sachets. These each contain 8ml of our specially blended, aromatic concoction and are perfect for a range of customers. Amongst those that opt for these sachets are the hospitality industry, airport and gym vending machines, as well as schools and the travel industry.

We also offer a carefully crafted shaving gel. This has been precisely engineered to be applied to wet skin and massaged to produce a cream lather for a gentle, clean, wet shave. Again, this is ideal for the hospitality and travel industries as complimentary or purchasable products. Each product is available in cases of 250 and are ideal for repackaging as part of your offering.

For all of these products, Guardpack also offer a private label sachet service, in which we can add your branding to these products. This is perfect for many customer-focussed industries as they can add a personalised touch to the products for a professional, high-end feel. They are also great as complimentary products in the hospitality industry, as it is something useful that customers can take away with your name on it. Next time your customers are heading to your hotel, they will be sure to remember the free shampoo sachets you sent them home with!

This also makes them the perfect freebie to give away at trade shows. Our private label sachet solutions come in low quantity manufactured runs of as little as 2000 sachets. Click here for more information about our full range of products.

Hygiene for Hairdressers & Barbers

It has been a hard time for many industries over the past couple of years, but one of the hardest hit has been the hairdressing industry. As we come out of the pandemic it is more important than ever for businesses to stand out and they have an opportunity to gain loyal, regular customers.

Hygiene has always been important in this industry, sanitising equipment after every use, but one thing that was often overlooked was wiping down chairs after each customer. Obviously, this could be impractical in normal circumstances as it could be time consuming and leave a chair wet and unusable for too long. However, the mywipe antibacterial wet wipes are a perfect solution for this. They kill 99.999% of bacteria on any surface and are quick drying, so there will not be any waiting around until your next customer can take a seat.

Sanitising for mobile hairdressers and barbers is also important, especially because you are going into lots of different people’s homes. This has always been something that is a lot harder for mobile workers to accomplish as they can’t easily carry around a small vat of sanitising solution everywhere they go. Antibacterial wet wipes are the answer for a quick sanitising wipe so you can get going to your next job without delay.

Opportunities for Hairdressers & Barbers

On top of showing your commitment to hygiene, you also have an opportunity to go the extra mile for your customers, with complimentary products that can be taken home. As mentioned previously, we offer several products which you could add your own branding to. This could replace the need for business cards, including all of your information and branding on the packaging itself.

Another opportunity for high-end boutiques is to sell your own range of products, which will compliment your brand and push you to the next level. Utilising our liquid sachet filling service, we can work together to create the perfect products for your customers. Get your brand into your customers’ homes with branded shampoo sachets and more!

Products we can fill

Speaking of our liquid sachet filling services…

Our machines can fill a wide range of different products from doses as small as 1ml up to 40ml, with an accuracy of 0.1ml. Production runs start at 2000 units and can scale up as much as you need.

Here are just a few examples of products we currently fill for the haircare industry:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Gel
  • Hair Wax
  • Hair Repair Serums
  • Hair Oils
  • Hair Creams
  • Hair Dye
  • Shaving creams

Contact Us

So, if you’d like to discuss your requirements, or would like any more information on shampoo sachets or any of our other products, our private label services, or our bespoke liquid sachet filling services, please get in touch!

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