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Sachet Packaging Marketing in Print

Although many say that print journalism is a dying art form, 1 in 4 adults in the UK still read a newspaper or magazine every day. For context, and so you can see what a healthy figure that is, that’s 13.6 million people. To look at that from a marketing perspective, should you choose to advertise through this medium, you open up the doors to 13.6 million potential customers. As with any form of marketing, when you spearhead a campaign, your results are much better. As such, should you decide to target just one industry, your ROI is likely to be even higher.

Using sachet packaging marketing within your strategy allows you to be seen by potential buyers.

Here at Guardpack we offer bespoke sachet packaging services to help you promote your products to your target audience. If you are considering using newspapers or magazines to enhance your marketing strategy, here are some things you should know!

The benefits

As mentioned above, when you carry out sachet packaging marketing, you put your product directly in front of the reader. If you are careful with your planning and determine exactly who would best benefit from your product; you will be in the position to show your brand to an already established audience that you know will engage with you.

Furthermore, by marketing in this manner, it is likely to instil trust in the customer. When a magazine or newspaper provide free inserts, the consumers’ will assume that it is a quality item from a respected brand.

The facts

Research shows that 48% of consumers state that they are ‘more likely’ to make a purchase from a brand they haven’t previously heard of, if they receive, and try, a free sample. 50% would then go on to buy the full product after receiving a sample.76% of people state that they see receiving a sample as ‘fun’.

Customising sachet packing marketing

When it comes to placing sample sachets within magazines, brands need to ensure that they have a visual appeal. After all, the packaging is what will make the reader look at the product and then choose to use it. If you cut corners, you could end up with the sample being thrown away, or in a worst case scenario, the sample could even spill into the publication, which will annoy the reader.

Here at Guardpack, we offer a bespoke sachet packaging service. Our team ensure that your design is exactly how you imagined. If you have never marketed using this medium before, we understand that this can seem daunting. Don’t panic, we can help! We offer a full contract manufacturing service, including print and cutter guides so that your design can be created flawlessly.

If you don’t have a specific design in mind, our team can simply create a sachet with your logo and contact details on. If you want more than this, but don’t know where to start, we can put you in touch with leading creative designers. They will help you to produce something unique that showcases your product. We can also advise you on the necessary packaging requirements and wording, to ensure that your product samples comply with legislation.

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