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Sachet Packaging for Small Businesses

When it comes to packaging for small businesses, Guardpack are experts. For many years, we have not only helped larger corporations with their sachet filling, but also smaller businesses. As a small business owner, you might overlook sachet packaging as a way to market and promote products; we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t dismiss it! In this blog, we’re going to talk about sachet packaging for small businesses and how you can use it to elevate your company to the next level.

Low-run orders

Often, the main reason small businesses are put off investing in sachet packaging is the inability to find a company who will provide a lower number of sachets per order. Starting out as a small business always comes with a high risk and, unlike those larger companies who have existed for many years, most small businesses can’t afford to take the leap and invest in a large number of sachets for their products. Being able to order smaller amounts allows businesses like this to test the water and decide if it is something they can commit to.

Here at Guardpack, we offer sachet packaging for small businesses with runs as low as 2000 per order. No longer will you have to worry about over ordering just to fill the order quota at great cost to your business. We believe that every business should be given the chance to flourish, and our smaller bulk ordering allows us to facilitate that.

Influencer Marketing

Small businesses often struggle to market products due to the high cost of hiring someone to do it for them. Often, they opt to conduct any marketing themselves. One marketing technique that many small businesses, particularly smaller cosmetic companies, have utilised often is influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has been, and continues to be, hugely popular within the cosmetic industry. Companies send products or samples to influencers (those with an online following who have influence over their audience) in order to promote their products to an already established audience. This type of marketing is relatively cheap, often only paying for the postage to send over your product, making it perfect for small businesses.

Bespoke sachet packaging for small businesses

A business isn’t a business without its branding! Branding is how people recognise you, whether that’s in shops, online, or on social media. Sachet packaging for small businesses can help to further cement your brand, even with samples and smaller products. When you order sachets from us at Guardpack, you will be given the option to customise your products, making them entirely bespoke. We work directly with you to ensure the packaging for your sachet order is perfect. If you’re just starting out as a small business and are yet to finalise branding for your sachets, do not fear! Our team can put you in contact with top designers who will ensure your brand message comes across on your sachets.

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