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Sachet filling: Everything You Need to Know

Sachet filling is becoming ever-increasingly popular within many industries. Businesses have found sachets to be cost-effective and convenient, allowing them to give smaller samples of their products to customers and allowing their customers to have the potential to purchase their products in smaller quantities.

The experts here at Guardpack wanted to give you a more in-depth look at what sachet filling is, how it works, and the benefits it can bring to your business.

What is Sachet Filling?

Sachet filling is the process of filling small, sealed packets with liquid, gel or cream. In some instances this may involve powder, food and other edible liquids (although this is not something we offer here at Guardpack). The sachets are usually vacuum sealed.

Also, laminate is printed before we fill a sachet and probably irrelevant so I have again amended the following section and removed about the print.

How Are Sachets Filled?

Here at Guardpack, we have high-tech machinery that allows us to fill sachets. These machines allow us to control the dose within the sachet which ranges from as low as 1ml to 40ml per sachet. We can also manipulate the measurement to the degree of 0.1ml allowing for accuracy within your sachet product. Once your sachet has been filled, the sides are heat sealed and a tear cut inserted for easy opening. We can offer a variety of printed laminates including recyclable film.

What Can You Put in Your Sachet?

We have also, over the years, invested in range of pumps that allow us to fill sachets with a wide range of fillings. This includes shower gel, shampoo, cosmetics, cleaning solutions, oils and much more!

As previously mentioned, we do not fill our sachets with edible products here at Guardpack, however, we are happy to accommodate any other formulation that is in accordance with our approved formulas. That said, if you don’t have your own formula, we have a range of 30 base ingredients that we can mix efficiently into different solutions.

What Are the Benefits of Sachet Filling?

There are many different ways your business can benefit from sachet filling. One of the main benefits is being able to offer customers smaller sized measurements of your products. Not only is this good for those who may be travelling abroad or going away from the weekend, but you can also utilise it in free sampling. Free sampling is a great way to entice new customers and also keep your current customers returning to you. Everyone loves a freebie! When we receive something for free, we often get a feeling of happiness or joy. If consumers receive a freebie from your brand, they will also get that feeling associated with you and are likely to become a customer or a repeat customer if you include the sample with your other products. It also gives current customers a chance to try before they buy, which results in overall customer satisfaction.

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