Product Sampling: A Saviour for Last Minute Shoppers

Product Sampling: A Saviour for Last Minute Shoppers

Product sampling is an effective marketing technique that every business owner should consider, especially around the festive season and into the new year. If you’re looking to increase revenue, all whilst pleasing the Christmas crowds, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that sampling offers your customers over Christmas.

Dashing Through the Shops

We’ve all been there. A matter of days before the big day and the frantic dash from from shop to shop to find the right Christmas presents for every member of the family. It’s stressful, it’s tiring and leaves all who attempt this feat feeling less than festive.

Cosmetics, health and beauty products make it on many a Christmas list. For those who don’t usually buy these products, the prospect of buying the right gift can be overwhelming, and even more so when you’re on a countdown! Product sampling truly is a saviour here.

Time Saving

Those who leave the gift buying to the last minute won’t likely have the time to spend looking around. Product sampling helps to alleviate stress for those who are against the clock. Customers can simply walk in and try the preferred product for themselves, without grabbing just ‘anything’ off the shelves, which could be deemed as thoughtless. It’s a win-win for those looking to make a fast, yet deliberate purchase and for business over Christmas.

Saving Precious Pocket

Christmas is an expensive time of year and this December, people are feeling the pinch more than ever this year. By offering seasonal sachet sampling to last minute shoppers, the majority would be more inclined to buy something that is offered to them to try first-hand and experience for themselves then and there.

Sampling allows shoppers to make an informed decision on the product they’re buying. Increasing the chances of them parting with their money. This will aid confidence in their purchase, especially if they’re buying for someone else, adding reassurance that their purchase is worthwhile.

You’ll Become the ‘Go To’

The cosmetics industry is highly competitive. You want to be the company that stands out and gives customers a reason to return. Small gestures like product sampling, paired with genuine customer service create a positive consumer experience. Allowing customers to try a product without any financial commitment shows sincerity and level of customer care that some companies won’t offer.

Going above and beyond for your customers is paramount for business success today. Allowing all shoppers to gain a true feel for a product increases the likelihood of a full-size purchase. Remember, what could have initially been one sale, could result in multiple gift purchases and long-term, repeat custom. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so buy having your customers best interest at heart, they’ll remember you and come back – no matter how fleeting their initial visit.

Product Sampling is A Business Investment

Product sampling is a brilliant ongoing business investment and a steadfast way to grow your profits and customer base. Your sampling options are limitless; from seasonal launches, to specialist promotions and brand partnerships, you can spread your brand word far with something as small as a sample this Christmas.

Contact Guardpack

Looking to grow your brand over the festive period and into the 2024? With over 25 years of experience, the team at Guardpack can tailor sample sachets to suit your business demand. With a range of filling options and quantities to choose from, we can accommodate your needs for ultimate convenience.

We can assist you with:

  • Sachet and fill size
  • Tailored branding and design
  • Production of samples
  • Any bespoke requirements

All of our products conform to Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009. To discuss your seasonal requirements, or to arrange a quotation please fill out our contact form, or call us directly on 01245 505807. We look forward to speaking with you!

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