Private label sachets can help the hospitality sector

Private Label Sachets – Prime Opportunity for Hotels and B&Bs

Whilst some of us are waiting for that green list to expand so we can go on our holidays abroad, many are turning to vacations closer to home. The hospitality industry is recovering well after the pandemic restrictions have been relaxed. Both trips for business and for pleasure are increasing across the country. Hotels and bed & breakfasts have a prime opportunity to give their visitors a great experience to increase the likelihood of getting return visits. So, why are Guardpack, a leading UK manufacturer of private label sachets, talking about this? Well, very simply, we can help.

Maintaining Hygiene for the hospitality sector

The importance of hygiene has always been important in this sector. No one likes to go into a room that still has some grime left over from a previous visitor. This actually can’t be understated. Even before the pandemic, research revealed that cleanliness was the most important factor towards whether a guest will stay in the hotel again. Now that everyone is even more conscious of hygiene, this is your chance to show how much you care.

Previously on the Guardpack blog we have talked about when you should be using antibacterial wipes over cleaning with sprays and cloths. Typically, in the cleaning process, you would expect antibacterial sprays to be used for bathrooms and bigger jobs, which we completely agree with. However, when there are smaller jobs that need to be done quickly, such as wiping down check-in desks, or cleaning tables between guests in your café or restaurant, our fast-drying anti-bacterial wipes are far superior. Not just for ease-of-use, but actually in terms of hygiene and aesthetics too. This proactive approach can be seen by guests, who will leave with a positive view on your priority for cleanliness.

On top of ensuring everything is clean and tidy, you can also supply hand sanitiser sachets. Sachets are perfect for giving out hand sanitiser as your guests can use them whenever it is convenient for them. Considering your guests could be taking these home with them for future use, it is a good time to keep your branding in front of them. Guardpack offer private-label sachets of hand sanitiser, which means we can add your company’s logo or name onto our products. These would also be great products to give away at hospitality trade shows!

Brand your toiletries with private label sachets

Over the past few years, hotels have finally started ditching those little plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. These bottles, even if completely untouched by guests, still end up getting chucked out, leading to a terrible waste of plastic and the contained product. We’re not making a mountain out of a molehill here. We’re making a mountain out of the 200 million of them that end up in landfills every year.

To combat this ecological nightmare, hotels (and toiletries manufacturers) can turn to companies like Guardpack for help. We have our own toiletry products, including shampoo & conditioners, shower & bath gels and shaving gels, all provided in recyclable sachets. Again, these are private label toiletries, which means you can add your logo and wording to the packaging. As before, this is a great way to keep your brand in front of guests, as toiletries are almost always “stolen” from hotel rooms for future use. They can also elevate your brand, making a small B&B look like it has its own brand of cosmetics.

The benefits for using sachets for toiletries don’t end there. Sachets are much less cumbersome so can be stored and transported in bulk more easily. Also, when your guests inevitably do take them home with them, there is much less chance of them making a mess in their bags like they could do with bottles. Even if they get the products for “free” it could still leave a bad connection to your brand in their minds!

Toiletry manufacturers can also make use of our services. We work with many companies to fill our sachets with their products. With sachets from 1ml to 40ml, we can package your goods via our contract packing liquid sachet filling service. Some products may need testing, which we can carry out for you, to ensure our sachets are fit-for-purpose.

Improve customer service

We had a quick mention of cafes and restaurants a minute ago, but there is much more we can do for these parts of your establishments than just the wipes for cleaning tables. We can also provide private label sachets for our wet wipes, so your guests can keep themselves clean without even leaving the table. Our standard formula, 10007P, has a minty lemon smell, has been certified to EN1276 and Kills 99.999% of Bacteria.

Extending your customer service offering, you may also want to go the extra mile and provide sun cream and insect repellent wipes to your visitors, especially during the summer. This is a nice little touch that will leave them with positive vibes and they will be sure to come back again!

Sachets can also come in a range of styles, from kraft laminates to microwavable and recyclable, biodegradable options. All of these services can be carried out in small runs of just 2000 sachets, although can scale up massively with your business, should you require hundreds of thousands of sachets.

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So, whether you need some wipes to quickly prepare massage tables between guests, or if you want to wow your guests with our private label toiletries, be sure to get in touch! You can contact Guardpack today on 01245 505807 or by filling out an online enquiry form on our website.

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