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Prepping for the New School Year with Antibacterial Wipes

Whilst it may feel as though Summer has barely begun, a return to school is fast approaching for the nation’s youth. This is the second round of back-to-school commotion that has been impacted by the pandemic and, with any luck, the UK’s parents will be well-prepared come September. Despite this, a refresher on the role antibacterial wipes should play in the return to school certainly can’t hurt.

As the Delta variant spreads and COVID cases rise yet again, there’s no surprise that many parents are worrying about how their children’s school year will unfold. Will the dreaded home-bound Zoom classes make a return? Well, if schools, parents, and pupils alike take the proper precautions, this should be avoidable. The range of antibacterial supplies (under the mywipe brand) provided by Guardpack are the optimum solution for the safest, and most hygienic, return to school you could hope for.

Personal Wipes for Pupils

Despite the average child’s perceived immortality, children generally view the goings on of the pandemic through a similar lens as adults. That is to say, there are those who will be taking the last two years in their stride, whilst many more will find the events incredibly anxiety-inducing. Not too long ago, the younger generation were largely sheltered from the sad and scary news of the world. Nowadays, however, in the age of social media, even children receive a constant stream of information to their devices. So, regardless of how many COVID-secure measures are in place, it’s unsurprising that many children (and parents) will feel worried about a return to the classroom.

Schools and colleges are not only responsible for looking after a student’s physical health, but their mental wellbeing, too. Providing pupils with their own packs of antibacterial hand wipes – which will also double as surface wipes – will help in maintaining both. As multipack wipe manufacturers, Guardpack are able to offer a competitively priced range of wipes of a portable size, allowing students and teachers alike to have them handy all over the school.

Understand the Return-To-School Risks

Almost a year ago now, in October of 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that “children and schools are unlikely to be the main drivers of COVID-19 transmission”. Many

parents may lean a little too heavily on this crutch, assuming that their child is at virtually no risk when returning to school. This is not the case. In fact, with school settings being a difficult place to implement effective social distancing and a reduction of points of contact, there is no reason to assume that the virus can’t spread.

Through shared facilities and materials, doors being opened and closed by countless pupils and staff members; there’s simply no way the risk of transmission can be completely negated. Despite the inevitable COVID-secure measures of not sharing materials, kids will always be kids, making this virtually impossible to enforce. This is where the surface wipes come into play. Pupils should be encouraged, by both teachers and parents, to wipe down their desks before and after each lesson. This should extend to any shared equipment – anything from keyboards to calculators – to effectively minimise the risk of viral transmission.

Hungry? Use Hand Wipes!

We’ve covered the importance of antibacterial wipes in the classroom, but it’s important not to forget every pupil’s favourite lesson: lunch time! In fact, considering lunch break will involve a great deal of contact between friends, as well as hand to food to mouth contact, the lunch hall and playground are a hotbed of transmission, meaning extra care and additional hygiene measures are essential!

Here at Guardpack, we can provide hand wipe sachets, with SteriZar protection, in cases of 500. These are ideal to hand out to pupils at lunch time as the fast-acting sanitiser coating the wipe is proven to kill 99.999% of germs, within 30 seconds! Anyone who uses one of these hand wipes will be blessed with a protective barrier on their skin for up to 6 hours. This protection increases to 30 hours when used to wipe down a surface! As the formula is alcohol-free, fast-drying and kind to sensitive skin, it is highly suitable for schoolchildren of all ages.

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