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Prepare for World Health Day with the Best Antibacterial Hand Wipes and Other Great Products

Just under a month away, World Health Day is fast approaching. The Guardpack team wanted to take this opportunity to detail how you can use the best antibacterial hand wipes and other products to promote healthy living, in time for April 7th.

It goes without saying that the last few years have made us all a little more conscience of our general wellbeing. Various lockdowns led to many quiet days, in which we reflected on our habits in a bid to improve our health. Although they were difficult times, they did present rare opportunities for us to adjust ourselves in ways we may not have had the time or forethought to do previously.

Whilst we may have returned to ‘normal’, countless consumers have aimed to continue these newly instated habits, where possible. This represents an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the continuing surge in health-conscienceness. Guardpack’s products certainly help to facilitate this. Here, we have explored the different ways our products can help you to succeed in this growing market.

Antibacterial, Multi-Surface Wipes

Only the best antibacterial hand wipes and multi-surface wipes have continued to thrive throughout the pandemic. Between 2020 and 2021, for example, the sale of hand wipes saw a whopping 600% increase! Several years on, this particular area of the market remains incredibly lucrative. The focus on cleanliness extends beyond personal hygiene, but also surfaces in and out of the home. People want to ensure their home is as clean as can be, whilst also having a convenient solution to keeping bacteria at bay whilst on the move.

Guardpack offers a multitude of different wipes, with fully customisable packaging, from single-wipe sachets to packs holding anything from 5-50 wipes. We can offer full flexibility on weight and size, as well as the solution the wipes are imbued with. Not only that; we also offer runs as low as 2,000 units, making Guardpack the ideal solution for small businesses.

Healthy Skin Requires After Sun and Sun Cream

For many of us, sunny holidays are back on the cards! Even if you’re not thinking of heading abroad, the UK summer is on its way and we’re sure to get another hot one! Regardless of where the sun finds you, however, sun cream and after sun should always be involved. Just as we recommend using our best antibacterial hand wipes to ensure cleanliness all year round, the warmer months call for the attention of ways in which we can reduce the negative effects the sun can have on our skin.

At Guardpack, our sachets can be filled with a wide range of liquids, including sun cream and after sun formulas. These small sample sachets are ideal for travellers to keep in their beach bag. We offer anything from 1ml to 40ml per sachet, with customisable packaging that will suit your business’ branding perfectly.

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