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Packaging for Pet Care Products – Sachets and Flow Pack Wipes

As everyone does, we love pets here at Guardpack. Our furry little four-legged-friends are important to our lives and deserve all the love and care we can give them. Due to people spending so much on their pets, the sector has been valued at over £6billion annually. You’d have to be barking to not take advantage of this! Luckily for you, Guardpack have several packaging options for pet care products, so let’s work together to bring your products to the market.

Flow Pack Wet Wipes for Pet Care Products

Flow pack pet wipes consist of between 5 to 50 wipes, soaked in a solution and contained within a resealable pack. Similar to baby wipes, the main use for pet wipes in a flow pack is to clean up when they make a mess, although obviously for your pets rather than babies! To differentiate the products, the liquids impregnating the wipes can be specially concocted for different animals’ skins. This is especially true for animals that have sensitive skin.

Wipes are a great solution to keep a pet clean, but also to add a nice shine to their coats. Solutions could have skin restorative properties or perfumed to give your customers’ critters a nice smell. You could even focus on making your mixtures nice and gentle for use on animals’ faces, around their eyes and on the pads of their paws. Resealable packs are the perfect packaging for these pet products. Customers would be able to leave packs in their cars or by the front door, so they can wipe pets down after a muddy walk, especially if said pet had walked/rolled in something they would rather not cover their possessions in.

Sachet Wet Wipes for Pet Care Products

Yes, it’s great having the resealable wet wipes in the places we mentioned, but that isn’t a “portable solution”. You wouldn’t want to carry a big pack of wipes around with you on a walk or if you take your pets anywhere else. The answer to this is sachets of wet wipes. The same products as above, but offered in single-wipe sachets. Easy to pop in a bag or a pocket, it is so much more convenient for you customers to have wipes on-hand when they are out and about with their pets.

Let’s not beat around the bush; dogs can get mucky bums. Obviously if you’re heading home from a walk then you could wait until you get back to give it a wipe. However, there are many situations where you would want to clean them up a lot faster, such as if you are heading into a shop, or visiting someone’s house. Your customers will be glad to have a wet wipe at hand!

Liquid Filled Sachets for Pet Care Products

There is a huge opportunity for businesses to make use of sachets for their liquid pet products. One product which has been growing in popularity is pet shampoo. Everyone knows that pets can get smelly quite easily. There are so many fragrances that could be used for shampoos to differentiate your products from the competition. On top of that, focusing on added bonuses, such as eliminating dandruff, restoring natural oils in coats and creating formulae that are good for sensitive skin will all help set your product apart.

No one likes it when their pet is uncomfortable, constantly scratching in one spot where their skin is irritable. Luckily, there are many gels and mousses which can be used to combat this and help to restore and protect skin from further damage. Having this product in single-use sachets is great for customers that only need to use it every now and again and don’t want to store a big bottle that will never be finished.

Another useful product to have around is treatment for fleas and ticks. This can be a big problem and a quick solution squeezed out of a sachet can be very beneficial for you and your pets. There are products which kill off fleas within minutes, but there are also products which can help to protect your pets from catching fleas in the first place!

Marketing Using Sachets

Sachets work incredibly well as a marketing tool. Offering free samples at trade shows, within pet stores, or at other pet events, such as dog shows, is a great way to get the word out about your products. Potential customers will get to try before they buy, which has been proven to work well to improve sales. Everyone likes getting something for free, so they will relate your brand to kindness and that “warm fuzzy feeling” that brands desire. These are especially good feelings to have towards pet brands, where branding is key!

Design for Pet Care Products

Whilst flow pack wet wipes have ample space for branding, imagery, buzzwords and regulatory information, sachets can be more difficult to get right. You don’t have much space to work with. Firstly, you need to grab the attention of people heading past the shelves. An easy way to do this is using an image of the animals that the product is for on the packaging. If people are looking for a product for cats, it makes sense that they are going to look at the packaging with a cat on it. Other than that, clear text that stands out, saying what the product is, is the way to go.

Regulatory information will also have to be included on the packaging. Guardpack have extensive experience with a variety of products, meaning we will more than likely know what information will need to be included and can advise on this when you work with us. We can also help with the branding, providing guidelines for your own designers, or we can work within our network to create the packaging design for you.

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