Office wipes - an employee wiping down their screen with a screen wipe.

Office Wipes: The Small Incentives That Make A Big Difference to Employees

Office wipes may seem like a menial investment to the workplace. However, it’s these small gestures that often make the biggest impact with employees. As the saying goes, it’s the little things that can make the largest difference, positioning you as a conscientious and desirable employer.

This week, Guardpack take a look at the importance of multipurpose wipes, the impact on staff welfare and the top wipes and sachets that could set your business apart.

An Empathetic Employer

Regardless of your business, your staff are the blood life of your company and should be your number one priority. It’s important that your team feel safe, supported and comfortable when they’re at work. Afterall, when your workforce feels appreciated, the rest will follow.

Providing the little details that can make employees lives easier and enhance overall productivity will benefit the whole workforce. Office wipes can aid equipment efficiency, whilst instilling peace of mind.

Screen Wipes

Screen wipes play a fundamental part in the longevity of computers, laptops, iPads and TV screens. Ideally, these should be wiped down each day to get rid of dirt and debris, before these high touch areas are then disinfected. In fact, those who regularly wipe down their computers and keyboards, typically reduce bacterial levels by 99% in the workplace.

At Guardpack, one of our most requested office wipes is the screen wipe. Our product includes two wipes. One wet wipe will clean the screen, mouse and keyboard of your device to remove germs, dust and finger marks and one dry wipe will provide a smear free finish. These wipes are alcohol free and are suitable for PDA, LCD, TFT and coated screens as they will not damage the protective coating.

Phone Wipes

In 2023, on average, people tapped, swiped and clicked on their phones a whopping 2,617 times each day! That’s nearly 1 million touches on average a year. Our phones themselves are high touch point areas. They’re a high breeding ground for the spread of germs, which can be easily transferred around the working environment.

However, the build-up of bacteria can be quickly eliminated with the use of telephone cleaning wipes, which are able to remove 99% of known germs. Phone wipes contain an impregnated tissue wet wipe to clean phones. The antibacterial formula removes grime as well as cleans fingerprints and dust, providing a sanitised and smear free clean finish. These can be used on all phones, headsets, microphones and PDA screens.

Glasses Wipes

With many of us wearing glasses for close work such as reading, typing, writing and driving, glasses wipes are an essential item in the working environment. Semi moist glasses wipes are a quick and easy solution to gently clean lenses and spectacles. These are designed to clean spectacles and glass by removing dust and finger marks. This leaves a smear free clean finish and restore clarity to vision. By having these available for your staff to use, you’re contributing to workforce health and welfare. These wipes are suitable for cleaning all lenses, including spectacles, sunglasses, ski goggles, industrial eye guards, 3D glasses and visors. They contain anti-fog formula for ultimate convenience.

Sun Cream Sachets

With the warmer weather in our sights, single sachets of SPF are extremely handy to have in the office. They may not seem a priority but getting our daily dose of Vitamin D is paramount to our well-being. Heading outside on a lunch break can help to reset the mind, rejuvenate and allow a fresh perspective before heading back to work. Experts recommend that we wear daily SPF, even when the weather is cooler, and the UV rays are lower.

At Guardpack, we produce sun protection cream sachets made from a quick drying, non-greasy formula. Although deemed one of the more unconventional office wipes, it’s perfect for activities on the go. It can help to encourage your team to get out and about and refresh ready for the afternoon.

Hand Sanitising Wipes

Although wiping down equipment helps to decrease germ count and improves overall equipment longevity, our hands are the key transmitter when it comes to the distribution of bacteria. Having hand wipes, complete with antiviral and antibacterial properties for added protection dotted around, is the perfect way to keep your team safe and go that extra mile in the workplace.

At Guardpack, we offer hand wipes to fulfil your needs. One of our most popular options are our wipes impregnated with STERiZAR®, a specially formulated alcohol-free hand & surface sanitiser, containing one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ-killing properties available on the market. It is effective within 30 seconds and can kill 99.999% of germs but still developed to be kind to skin. This product transfers a residual barrier onto the hands. This will continue to protect your skin for up to 6 hours and surfaces for up to 30 days.

Get in Touch

At Guardpack, we specialise in the manufacture of wet wipes and sachets. We generate more bespoke produce than any other UK company. From office wipes to a vast range of customised workplace solutions, we can help your workplace to make a positive impact with employees.

With lots of different sizing options, many liquids and a large selection of wipe materials available, we are also able to manufacture items as a private label product. To discuss your requirements or to arrange a quotation please fill out our contact form, or call us directly on 01245 505807. We look forward to hearing from you!

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