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New Ideas for Liquid Sachets

If you have never considered liquid sachets before, you may have been under the impression that they wouldn’t benefit your business. Sachets, such as the ones we produce at Guardpack, are often thought to be reserved for the cosmetics industry, but this is simply not the case. There are, in fact, many ways in which liquid sachets can be utilised by an array of companies.

Guardpack have been making sachets for 27 years and boast a huge amount of experience when it comes to what to put in liquid sachets. Our team have put together this blog post to highlight the exciting ways that your business can utilise sachets to boost your products and enhance your branding!

Flower care with Liquid Sachets

The weather in the UK is currently glorious! We are in the height of summer and this has drawn many people to tend to their gardens. If you are a plant or flower company, you may be able to benefit from using sachets in your products. Many flower delivery services already attach a flower care sachet to bunches of flowers. These usually contain a plant food liquid that can be poured into the vase.

Whilst thinking of some new ways to utilise this type of packing, we thought ‘why stop at just flowers?’. Seed companies and plant companies alike can utilise this type of packaging for growth serum or other liquids that may be needed for growing vegetables and garden plants.

If the formula is provided by the customer, Guardpack can place it into sachets, which are available in doses as low as 1ml and as high as 40ml, with an accuracy degree to 0.1ml.

Liquid sachets for the industrial industry

Another industry that you may not think of when liquid sachets are mentioned is the industrial industry. Many companies within this industry use lubricants, especially with cars and machines. Our sachets are the perfect size for automotive companies to give out as samples at car shows and exhibitions to showcase products to their customers!

Guardpack have also worked with the paint industry in the past to produce different coloured paint samples. The sachets are fully customisable allowing the specifics of each paint to be printed on the packaging. When it comes to sachet samples, we can fulfil orders as low as 2000 sachets, which is perfect for small businesses or those wanting to purchase samples for an event at a low cost.

Liquid sachets for all

As you can see, there are a range of different businesses and industries that can benefit from our sachet filling services, not just the cosmetics industry. Over the years, we have expanded out range of pumps to ensure we can deal with nearly any product you need, even if it’s got a high viscosity, a low viscosity, or even oily products!

Some liquids are not suitable for our machines and so some testing may be required. Usually, we can advise immediately but, in some cases, testing may need to be carried out to ensure our machines can run smoothly.

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