Make Sure the Return to School is Safe with Hand Wipe Sachets

Make Sure the Return to School is Safe with Hand Wipe Sachets

As children head back to school amidst ongoing health concerns, maintaining a safe environment remains paramount. One essential item that should find its place in school bags (or on school shelves!) is anti-bacterial hand wipe sachets. Today, the Guardpack team discuss why their presence in the classroom is so important!

The Need for Added Protection

With the persistent threat of infections, children need extra layers of protection beyond the now largely-forgotten masks. Whilst they function as a great precautionary measure, they primarily focus on respiratory hygiene. Infections can, of course, also spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, making hand hygiene equally vital. And, let’s face it, children can get pretty messy!

Furthermore, schools are home to plenty of high-touch surfaces – like doorknobs, desks, and countless shared supplies – which can harbour germs. Children frequently come into contact with these surfaces, making them susceptible to picking up pathogens. Hand wipe sachets allow students to quickly disinfect their hands after touching these surfaces, minimising the chance of spreading germs. Children can also easily carry these compact sachets in their bags, ensuring they have access to hand-cleaning solutions whenever necessary.

Children’s Vulnerability and Protection Beyond the Classroom

Children might not consistently follow hand-washing routines, making hand wipes a practical alternative for them. Younger children, in particular, might struggle with proper hand-washing techniques or forget to wash their hands altogether. Hand wipes provide a simpler solution that can easily become a habit, offering reliable protection.

Hand wipes enable children to sanitise their hands before and after eating, adding protection beyond the classroom. Cafeterias and lunchrooms can be breeding grounds for germs. Hand wipes offer a quick and effective way for students to cleanse their hands before consuming their meals. This extends the benefits of hand hygiene to mealtimes and other communal activities.

Teaching Hygiene Etiquette and Encouraging Responsibility

Hand wipe use teaches children essential hygiene etiquette, a lesson they can carry into adulthood. By incorporating the use of hand wipes into their daily routines, children learn the importance of cleanliness. These proactive steps to protect their health can become ingrained and positively influence their future hygiene practices.

Having hand wipes as a personal item also encourages responsibility and self-care habits from an early age. When students have their own hand wipe sachets, they take ownership of their hygiene. This sense of responsibility fosters independence and empowers them to make health-conscious decisions throughout their lives.

A Shield Against Sick Days

Regular use of hand wipes can lead to fewer infections, reducing absenteeism and classroom disruptions. When students practice good hand hygiene consistently, the likelihood of falling ill decreases. This not only benefits the individual student but also contributes to a healthier school environment with fewer absences.

Choosing the Right Hand Wipe Sachets

Not all hand wipes are created equal, with some being far more effective than others. Guardpack’s wipes can be tailor-made, which could be a great option if a school is bulk-buying them for their students. In fact, we can supply hand wipe sachets, with SteriZar protection, in cases of 500. The fast-acting sanitiser coating the wipe is proven to kill 99.999% of germs, within 30 seconds! Alternatively, Guardpack’s range of mywipe products might be the perfect sanitation solution for parents to slip into their child’s bag. Mywipe’s hand and surface wipes, for example, are safe for children, alcohol-free and kind to sensitive skin. The perfect back to school wipe!

It’s also a good idea to opt for eco-friendly wipes to minimise environmental impact while prioritising health, of course. Whilst hand hygiene is crucial, it’s also important to be mindful of the environmental footprint. Thankfully, Guardpack produces a range of 100% biodegradable wipes in recyclable sachets!

Covid-19 certainly isn’t causing as much havoc as it once was in the school system. But, the safety of students and staff remains paramount. Anti-bacterial hand wipe sachets offer a practical, portable, and proactive solution for maintaining hand hygiene. Let’s incorporate these small but powerful items into the school routine, and create a safer and healthier environment for all!

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