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How to use sachets for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is increasing by around 50% every single year. In 2021 alone it is expected that brands will have spent £10.5billion on influencer marketing to promote their products. Most influencer marketing involves simply sending your product to popular people so they show their online followers, hopefully influencing them into buying your products. Although fashion, cosmetics and tech seem to be the most popular sectors for using influencers, there are actually influencers for any niche you could imagine.

Have you got a face cream that you want to get out there? There are thousands of beauty influencers that would love to try out your product and give a review to their followers. Maybe you have something more niche, like wipes to remove bird droppings from cars to keep paintwork protected. Working on a brand deal with automotive influencers could be very beneficial for you!

How effective is influencer marketing?

In terms of cost-effectiveness, influencer marketing has an average ROI of 520%. This means that for ever £1 spent on the process, they receive £5.20 back. This form of marketing can be quite cheap, as many influencers are happy to provide reviews and promotion for very little. In fact, 36% of brands pay via free product samples. This strategy tends to work better on smaller influencers who don’t yet have as many offers as larger influencers. It helps them as much as it helps you. Paying larger influencers will, of course, give you a much higher reach, although engagement percentage is much lower.

Why does influencer marketing work?

When an influencer shows off your product it seems a lot more genuine than normal adverts. Yes, influencers are providing a service for brands, but many only do so for products that they actually like. They have fostered a relationship with their audience, which is one of trust. Their opinions matter to their followers.

Through growing a social media following and working with brands, influencers gain many other skills. Becoming proficient in photography, videography and presenting are all key components of curating a following, so you should be in safe hands, as long as you’ve done your research.

How to find appropriate influencers

To start off with, you need to decide what kind of person you are going to target. Who is going to have a following that will like your brand? There is no point in contacting an influencer just because they have millions of followers if their followers aren’t your target market. You should also decide on what kind of budget you want to spend, as larger influencers are not likely to feature your product unless you are also prepared to throw a bit of cash into the mix.

Once you have your ideal candidate profile down, it’s time to see who is around to suit your requirements. To do this, search on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and any other social media platforms that are relevant, for keywords that are related to your product. This could be competitor names, product names or relevant phrases for your industry, such as “beauty products”, “#BeautyReview” or “Skincare Routine” if you are in the cosmetic industry, for example.

When you find users that look relevant, check their recent content offering. Instagram posts and stories, YouTube videos, etc. See if they suit your brand. Have they made content for your competitors or other brands that is competent with a good engagement rate? The engagement rate is a key metric you need to check as some user maliciously inflate their follower counts to make them look bigger. If they have 50,000 followers but only get 100 likes and a couple of comments, they aren’t likely to be worth contacting.

If you decide they look like a good fit, add them to your shortlist, along with any contact details you can find. By the end of your research, you should have an ideal list of candidates to promote your brand.

How to contact influencers

Social media users that are open for business opportunities will often have an email address in the bio section of their profiles. This will usually be directly to the influencer, although larger influencers may have contact details for management teams instead. Otherwise, users may be open for direct messages on the social media platform, although this is an indication that they are not as professional.

When you contact an influencer, lay out your offer and requirements in a pleasant tone with personalised messaging. It doesn’t hurt to say you are a fan of their content and can point out an image/video or two that fit your tone of voice. If said influencer likes your offer you should receive a good response after a short amount of time with instruction on where to send your product. They may also ask for extra compensation, so be prepared to negotiate.

What packaging should you use?

As the first thing that the influencer will see, it is important to give them a good experience from start to finish. Depending on your branding and the influencer, this could take many forms. If you have a high-end product, premium packaging is a must. A nice fancy box, potentially even leaving a little personalised note, can all add to the “unboxing experience” that influencers love. However, if the influencer is big on environmental issues, then clearly recyclable/reusable materials should be used instead. The better experience you give them, the better the review that you will receive in return.

For liquids, creams and gels, Guardpack’s sachets offer a range of packaging materials to suit your requirements. Sachets are a great way to package these products as they are tough and flexible, so there is no chance of them bursting in the post. You should also be able to easily get them in a box that can be posted through a letterbox.

Liquid-filled sachets are also great for adding in bonus samples along with another product, so you can provide your influencer with a little bit extra. This will help give them that great experience we were talking about!

So now the influencer loves your product, make sure you’ve included information on how they can shout you out. Social media handles, website or anything else. Including this within the box will keep it front of mind when they do the promotion.

How Guardpack can help with influencer marketing

Here at Guardpack we have over two decades of experience creating sachets, both for end products and for sampling. Our production runs can start in volumes as low as 1000 sachets and can scale up to thousands of sachets per day, depending on your requirements. Our machines can fill sachets with between 1ml to 40ml of liquid product within an accuracy of 0.1ml. You can add your own designs to our sachets, including branding and any regulatory information that needs to be included. We have worked with brands across many industries and on a multitude of different products, so anything you need, we are happy to help.

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So, if you would like to make an enquiry about using liquid-filled sachets for your influencer marketing campaigns, or any of our other services, please get in touch! Give us a call on 01245 505807 or email

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