individual sachets for retail with Euroslots

How to Successfully Utilise Individual Sachets for Retail

As an industry, retail is worth over £439 billion in the UK. Retail employees make up over 3 million jobs and many businesses around the country provide customers with goods and services. Following the pandemic, many retailers moved online due to rising high street rent costs and a lack of business. This, however, has not slowed the industry down and the high street continues to thrive.

No matter what business you run, retail will be part of it. Online or in person, your business will need to sell goods to the public. Here at Guardpack, we are able to provide companies across the UK with individual sachets for retail that will boost their sales. In this blog, we’re going to talk about how companies can utilise these sachets when selling their products in shops and online!

Get bespoke branding for individual sachets for retail

Your branding is part of your business; it represents who you are and how people recognise a product as yours. When creating sachet products, you have an extra chance to showcase this in a high street store. You will want to reflect your signature branding whilst also adapting any designs to a smaller surface area.

Here at Guardpack, we can guide you through the design, providing you with print and cutter guides, or we can take your logo and lay out the artwork for you to proof. If you’re still not quite there with your design, we can put you in touch with expert creative designers who can help you design a flawless product. Our team will also advise you on the necessary packaging requirements and wording to ensure you packaging complies with legalisation.

Customise your sachet filling

If you are in the cosmetic industry, it’s likely that your business will benefit the most from sachet filling. You can offer sachets as free samples online, or you can sell travel-sized versions of your best-selling products in stores. Sachets and free samples encourage consumers to spend a smaller amount of money on one item, however, it increases the likelihood of them buying the full product in the future.

At Guardpack, we can dose our sachets with a little as 1ml and up to 40ml per sachet, so you have control over the amount of product that goes into your sachets!

Display your individual sachets for retail

Individual sachets for retail give businesses freedom over how to display them. Whilst this might not seem like a big deal, where you place your products can be paramount. 35% of shoppers in the UK admit to purchasing impulse buys due to the positioning of them. These types of products are usually positioned near the tills, or in busy areas, and are of a lower price. Individual sachets are a perfect impulse buy, and now with Guardpack’s new machine, you can add a Euro Slot to your sachets. Having this capability allows you to display individual sachets hung up by the till to display the product in its full glory!

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