Create an eye-catching sachet packaging design

How to create a successful sachet packaging design

So, you’ve decided that sachets are the best packaging solution for your product. Of course you have! Why wouldn’t you? Now you need to make a sachet packaging design to help you sell the product. This is incredibly important as it is the first thing your potential customers will see. It will need to stand out compared to about 40,000 products that they will be exposed to on an average trip to the supermarket. With a third of decision-making being based on packaging and over 70% of purchasing decisions made in-store, we can’t overstate how crucial this can be to your product’s success.

With that said, here are our top tips for sachet packaging design success.

Make your sachet packaging design striking

As we say, there is a lot of competition in a supermarket. You need to create an eye-catching design just to get seen in the first place. Grab their attention and draw them in.

That’s easy for us to say, but what can you actually do to make a design that stands out in this day and age? Start off with the colours. According to studies, there are certain colours that are psychologically more likely to draw the eye; green, pink, red and yellow. However, if all of your competitors are using pink, if you make a green product, it will stand out a lot more. Be unique in your niche!

Colours evoke emotions too. For example, if you are selling a liquid face mask, you may want to focus on using a soothing colour such as blue or a light purple for your sachet packaging. Red can show passion and yellow can invoke happiness. Research your colours wisely!

Similarly, typography (or fonts, if you prefer) can be just as important for these reasons. A “Fancy script font” could represent beauty or prestige, whereas “BOLD CAPITAL FONTScan grab attention and represent simplicity. Again, think about what competitors are doing. Can you stand out whilst still maintaining the right connotations for your product?

Keep the sachet packaging design simple

In many cases, you won’t have a huge amount of space to work with on sachets. You need to get the point across quickly and succinctly. On average, buyers make purchasing decisions in just 6 seconds after seeing a product. You don’t have a lot of time to work with.

To help speed up the decision going in your favour, include imagery to represent the product. For example, sticking with the eye mask, you can show a picture of someone looking relaxed after applying the mask. Sometimes you won’t want to actually show the product itself, such as if you are selling baby wipes. A picture of a clean, smiling baby will instantly show what your wipes are intended for and that they are safe for babies.

Include important information

The front of your packaging is for grabbing the attention of consumers and letting them know what it is, but you will need to provide more information to aid in the purchasing decision and to comply with regulations. This is what the back is for. Just like the blurb of a book, people will take a look to get information about what’s inside. You should include safety information, contact details and regulatory information, depending on your specific industry.

We know it can be difficult to include all of the information on the back of packaging if you don’t have much room. However, it is important to include and should be printed in a clear font so your customers can read it.

Sachet material

A key thing to take into consideration when creating a sachet design is what material you are using. It isn’t all about what it looks like, but also what it is made of. Obviously, the packaging needs to be fit for purpose to begin with, that’s a given. Secondarily, different materials can show the values of your company. You may want to use a thick, sturdy packaging to show that you value quality over all else. You may want to use a brown kraft paper packaging to show your environmental focus.

How Guardpack can help

Here at Guardpack we print, cut and fill sachets with our clients’ products. This can be liquids, gels, creams and much more, across every industry. We also have our own range of private-label products that we can add clients’ branding to. A range of packaging is available, from microwavable sachets to glossy, high-quality laminates. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll have a solution.

Guardpack will provide guides for printing and cutting with our machines so you can easily see the dimensions to use for your sachet packaging design. If you are looking for a simple design and just need your logo or text included, such as if you are including the sachet as part of your product, simply send over the requirements and we can create a quick design for you. Alternatively, we have a lot of experience working with a network of creative designers. If you are looking for a full product/range design, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.

As we mentioned, you need to be conscious of what will be appearing on the back of your packaging too. Guardpack have decades of experience working in the sachet packaging industry and have encountered hundreds of products across every industry. In most cases, we will know what text to include and can advise you on this.

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So, if you’d like to discuss your requirements, or would like any more information on sachet packaging design or any of our other services, please get in touch!

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