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How Theatres Can Improve Hygiene Standards with Alcohol Free Wipes

The curtain is set to rise once again in theatre land after a year without live performance. Many feared the final curtain call for theatres up and down the UK as the Coronavirus pandemic forced the industry into an unscheduled, and, furthermore, unwelcome, hiatus. Thankfully, theatre goers can begin to look forward to enjoying their favourite shows and musicals once more as the UK continues to tentatively emerge from the shadows of lockdown. As foyers begin to buzz and the auditoriums start to fill, what can theatres do to ensure that, following the reopening, this time, they remain open?

Guardpack, a market leader in specialist alcohol free wipe manufacturing, have been asking ourselves that very question.

How Alcohol Free Wipes Can Protect Theatre Staff

For anyone involved in theatre, 2020 – and a portion of 2021 for that matter – has been nothing short of a disaster. Everyone has suffered the crippling effects of the national lockdown. Prior to the pandemic, research carried out by The Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre revealed that the industry employs 290,000 workers. Worryingly, 70% of those jobs are now at risk. Venues now need to make the most of the lifeline now presented by the UK government and ensure safe environments for staff and public alike. Alcohol free wipes can be used in several different situations by theatre staff to keep themselves and patrons safe and healthy.

Theatre visitors are only likely to visit once in any given period but the staff return daily and can encounter hundreds of different people. This means, theatre staff are at an increased and continuous risk of infection. Guardpack has the capability to produce runs of re-sealable alcohol free wipes for theatre staff to keep on their person to swiftly sanitise their hands when they feel they need to or if the option of doing so with soap and water isn’t available. This could be following frequent exposure to surfaces after showing theatre goers to seats or after handling cash as a programme, food or merchandise vendor.

Protecting Customers is Paramount

Today, the thought of a sold-out theatre summons a different picture entirely to a now Covid-conscious British public. As one of the oldest forms of entertainment, live performance is deeply engrained in British culture and we are rightly thankful that the industry has returned. But whether we like or not, at least for the foreseeable future, the experience will be different. Our alcohol free wipes are an easy, accessible and environmentally safe option to protect against infection as a paying consumer of the theatre. Previously, sitting closely to fellow theatre goers, and in some instances, almost knee-to-knee, wouldn’t have evoked any social distancing-related worries or concerns, but it undoubtedly will now.

Curb The Threat Of Transmission

Whilst there are several precautions that can be taken to help stop the spread of airborne transmission (masks, one-way systems etc) plenty can also be done regarding surface or object transmission. And it starts with frequent sanitisation. A sold-out theatre will have several high traffic areas, from front of house to the stalls, walkways, toilets and food retailing areas. All of which present different opportunities for encountering unwanted bacteria. Being sure to have a pack of alcohol free wipes to hand for when and where these occasions rear themselves could prove vital for the health of you, your family and indeed others.

Does Surface Transmission Pose a Threat?

Over the course of the pandemic, the stance from government scientists and advisors regarding the spread of Covid-19 via touch has been somewhat indecisive. It was March 2020, when the first laboratory study was released to suggest that Covid could remain on both plastic and stainless-steel surfaces after exposure. Most studies still suggest that the majority of outbreaks are caused by airborne particles which are released into the air when an infected person coughs, talks or breathes. Despite the evidence to suggest that surface transmission poses far less of a risk, it should still be considered a very real possibility. Employing the use of products such as alcohol free wipes, whether that be for members of staff or as personal precaution, can only reduce the risk.

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