A traveller to represent how multi surface wipes can be used in the travel industry.

How Multi Surface Wipes Can Aid Staff and Passengers at Busy Travel Hubs

Even before the unwelcome advent of Coronavirus, travel hubs were notorious breeding grounds for bacteria. Airports, train, and coach stations welcome thousands of passengers every hour. With such a high volume of people comes the increased potential for the spread of disease-causing pathogens. Aside from the untold number of passengers, another cause for the spread of bacteria within travel hubs is through surface transmission. With the increasing likelihood of at least some kind of return to normality now on the horizon, the Guardpack team have been thinking of ways in which our range of multi surface wipes can help COVID-conscious travellers and the travel industry.

Stay On Top of the Increased Footfall at Airport Businesses

Airlines aren’t the only businesses that operate from within airports. Anyone that has travelled abroad by plane would have experienced airport amenities. An early morning pre-flight pint or glass of wine is a rite of passage for many a holidaymaker. Whilst airport shops offer a last chance saloon for hurried passengers who have forgotten to pack such necessities as sunglasses, phone chargers or beach towels. However, whilst such settings may provide for a supreme level of convenience, due to the nature of their locations they also experience an increased footfall when compared to their high street counterparts. Having a plentiful supply of multi surface wipes for staff and customers is perfect for curbing the threat of surface transmission from infected travellers who have been perusing the duty-free aisles.

Multi Surface Wipes for The Return of Commuter Rush Hour

During the pandemic, train stations were almost unrecognisable. Regular commuters of tubes or subways, no matter where in the world, can attest to this. Now, as more and more of us return to work, public transport systems will once again become those hustling, bustling hives of activity many of us associate with inner city travel. We should be cautious though, the COVID threat is still looming. This unfortunately means, it may not only be fellow commuters you’re sharing a train carriage with when normality resumes. It’s possible to minimise the threat of contracting unwanted bugs; in fact, up to 99.9% of all surface bacteria are killed by our antibacterial wipes. From the ticket hall to the train, they can be used to quickly sanitise surfaces and the hands of commuters as they go about their daily business.

Multi Surface Wipes That Can Be Used on a Multitude of Surfaces

The global ferry industry is a similar size to the commercial airline industry, transporting approximately 2.1 billion passengers each year. But when in transit, the way in which travellers interact with their surroundings differ greatly. In contrast to remaining seated for much of a flight, ferry passengers are allowed to wander freely on deck. This brings them into closer contact with other passengers as well as surfaces within restaurants, shops, bars, and toilets. The sheer scale of these vessels also poses a greater task for staff whose duty it is to clean them. Offering passengers unlimited access to Guardpack’s multi surface wipes will help to cut the workload of already overworked cleaning staff. Whilst also instilling peace of mind in travellers allowing them to relax and enjoy their ocean crossing.

Travel habits are set to change drastically in the foreseeable future, and until the threat of COVID and any potential variants have been stamped out, as travellers, we need to adapt and do our best to protect ourselves. Being sure to include Guardpack’s multi surface wipes as part of your travel kit is a great way to eliminate the threat of contracting not just COVID, but a multitude of viruses when traveling. In addition to the accessibility our wet wipe range offer to travellers, we also guarantee our products won’t exceed liquid limit restrictions unlike some bottled hand sanitisers.

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Like most, at Guardpack, we can’t wait for the day that life returns to normal. This includes being able to fly abroad without the need for a mask or whilst constantly second guessing those around us. But until then, we need to make sure we do our best to protect ourselves and others from potential threats.

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