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How Does A Wet Wipes Supplier Make Your Product?

We all know what wet wipes are, but how many of us actually know how they’re made? Well, any reputable wet wipes supplier certainly will! Before you commission the wipes you’re after, it’s worth having a full understanding of the materials and process you’re paying for.

In this helpful guide, the Guardpack team have explained the entire production process from start to finish!

Step One – Design

Any manufacturing project begins with a design. Specific characteristics need to be considered for any wet wipe in order for them to satisfy consumer expectations. The chosen fabric, for example, must be durable enough for its purpose, yet easily and safely disposable. Furthermore, as the wipes will be saturated in a particular formula, it’s essential that the fabric is suitably absorbent and won’t dry out.

Aside from the wipes themselves, packaging also plays a huge role in the success of the product. Many wet wipes suppliers, including Guardpack, will be able to handle all of your design needs in-house. Restaurants should consider adding their own branding to their single-use wipe sachets, for example, in order to boost their reputation. Functionality is just as important as looks, of course! A flowpack of baby wipes, for example, should be able to preserve the wipes’ moisture whilst allowing for the easy retrieval of single sheets.

Step Two – Materials

Wet wipes typically implement non-woven fabric into their design. This type of fabric is created through a process in which a mass of fibers are pressed tightly to form a single sheet of material.

Guardpack offers a wide range of wipe materials. From basic tissue crepe – ideal for simple economic finger wipes – to soft, non-woven fabrics, perfect for personal care. Abrasive, non-woven materials can also be implemented for aggressive cleaning needs. We will, however, always put a push on our 100% biodegradable options – for the wipe and offer recyclable laminates for the packaging – in order to protect the environment wherever possible.

Step Three – Manufacturing for sachets

Once the materials and design have been agreed we start the manufacturing process. The chosen wipe material is folded through precision made sets of folding fingers to ensure the wipe is accurately placed in the pack. The front and reverse of the outer film is then sealed on three sides allowing and opening for the wipe to be inserted. Once the wipe is inserted, a controlled amount of liquid is impregnated into the three-sided sealed sachet, ready for the final fourth seal. The sachet is then cut accurately to size, boxed and ready for dispatch.

Step Three – Manufacturing for flowpacks

For flowpacks, the process is slightly different. Similarly, the chosen wipe material is folded through precision made sets of folding fingers. This is individually impregnated with a controlled amount of liquid, prior to being counted on to a stack. The stack of wipes then moves along a conveyor ready to be placed into the printed pack with label already applied. The packs are then heat sealed on all sides and then cut accurately to size, boxed and ready for dispatch.

Choose Guardpack As Your Wet Wipes Supplier

Guardpack provides industry professionals with start-to-finish wet wipe manufacturing services. As a wet wipes supplier, we will be able to guide you through every step of the process. If you would like to hear more, please get in touch today on 01245 505 807.

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