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How Do Low-Quantity Manufacturing Runs Support Small & Developing Businesses?

When it comes to product manufacturing, many small and developing businesses struggle to order in products on an economic scale suitable to their budding needs. Many manufacturers have minimum available manufacturing runs well beyond that which a new business could conceivably afford. Here at Guardpack, however, we offer runs of as low as 2,000 when producing wet wipes (either individual or multipack) and sachets for our clients.

In this post, we wanted to explore why ordering a limited-run of items makes perfect business sense in today’s changing business landscape.

1. A Cost-Effective Way To Improve A Business Profile

Any smaller business starting out knows the difficulties of balancing overheads, particularly in its earliest years. Establishing a strong brand presence (and trust) is critical in cementing your position within your chosen industry. If you’re in an industry that requires them, then an easy way to bolster that brand image – in a way that doesn’t break the bank – is through the branding of individual wet wipes or sample sachets. This offers a way to easily tout your new brand’s professionalism and image without the traditionally hefty accompanying costs, to boot.

Whether you’re a beauty business looking to tempt customers with samples or a restaurant looking to leave an impression that lingers, the added professional touch that your own branded wipes is an effective and economical way of furthering your brand. In fact, it’s thought that almost 90% of people claim they better remembered those brands that offered some kind of branded, promotional material.

2. A Fantastic Way To Product Test

If your brand is looking to trial a new beauty product (a new shampoo range, for example) then a small run of individual sachets is a perfect way to market it and to gauge consumer reception. Launching a new product can be a big commitment, especially for smaller businesses and SMEs, and there’s nothing worse than rolling out your product only to find that it garners lukewarm reviews, at best. A more sensible approach, therefore, is to test the waters by means of some sample sachets. This has the added bonus of promoting your business as one that values customer feedback. This, in turn, helps to bolster your overall brand image.

3. UK Manufacturing Costs

Outside of the UK, both manufacturing and import costs are increasing, as are the complexities of label requirements. By ‘going local’, so to speak, you not only keep logistical costs down, but you also entirely mitigate the risk of border delays, something which has emerged as a real issue post-Brexit, and across a whole host of industries.

You can’t put a price on ‘peace of mind’. We’d argue, however, that at the minute, it’s safer to buy from a British manufacturer than risk product shortages. Given how reliant on cash flow smaller businesses typically are (a US study having found that 82% of businesses having failed within their first five years citing problematic cash flow as the primary factor) a reliable supply is crucial.

4. DIY Spells Danger

The temptation for smaller businesses starting out is to either ‘do it yourself’ or to cut corners somehow. Regulatory compliance is more crucial than ever, however; a lack of compliance can lead to hefty economic and legal consequences.

Labelling requirements and safety standards in the cosmetics industry, for instance, are more stringent now than ever before. But as a new business with limited funds, however, it can be a daunting prospect to get your head around. By recruiting the services of a private label wet wipe and sachet manufacturer like ourselves, however, you can make use of any of our 25 approved formulas for your own branded product, and leave the burdensome administrative work down to us, safe in the knowledge that your products will be registered both efficiently and legally. We also have a registered office in Dublin, Ireland. Registering and selling your beauty products within the European Union, therefore, remains a viable business option.

What Does Guardpack Offer?

Here at Guardpack, we offer low-quantity manufacturing options for the following private label products:

  • Individual wet wipes
  • Multipack wipes
  • Liquid-filled sachets
  • Gel-filled sachets
  • Cream-filled sachets

We can offer runs of as low as 2,000 units. These are perfect for smaller businesses looking to keep their costs down, wherever possible. Suitable for a range of industries, from the cosmetics sector through to the industrial and automotive industry, our wet wipe products and sachets are produced in-house by our team with over two decades’ worth of industry experience.

Contact Guardpack

So, if you’d like to find out more about our work as a private label wet wipe supplier, or about our own range of antibacterial wet wipes, then get in touch! Contact Guardpack today on 01245 505807 or by filling out an online inquiry form on our website.

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