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How Can Wet Wipes Be Used In The Automotive Sector?

There’s a misconception surrounding wet wipes that they only see use in the beauty, cosmetic and baby industries. And whilst they are, of course, incredibly popular in those sectors, another area wet wipes see themselves often used is within the automotive industry.

Mechanics, vehicle dealerships, car wash businesses and more can all benefit from the humble wet wipe and its many variations. The team here at Guardpack manufacture a variety of private-label automotive-based wet wipe products. Here, we wanted to go through some of them in a little more detail.

Degreasing Wipes

Grease and oil can be difficult to get off automotive parts, and if allowed to build up for too long, can actually cause serious mechanical issues and even engine failure. Degreasing wipes offer a simple solution, therefore, to what can quickly become a very serious problem. Not only does this mean you can clean vehicle engine and other parts without making too much mess, you can also do so quickly.

You’re not always going to have the time to give a vehicle a full ‘MOT’, so to speak, but if you know your engine needs a quick clean, then these handy (low-linting) wipes are a perfect solution.

Leather & Upholstery Wipes

Cleaning leather without damaging it is notoriously difficult. The problem with a lot of luxury car brands, as nice as their models are, is that often their interiors are clad with leather which can make properly cleaning them a bit of a nightmare.

Whilst a full valet of your car interior will of course take care of any serious cleaning issues, a general spot clean is just as easily carried out with our specialist leather & upholstery wipes. If you’ve got little ones with a tendency to get sticky fingers, then these wipes are ideal.

Bird Dropping Wipes

There’s nothing more infuriating than a freshly-cleaned car being instantly ruined by a bird choosing to do its business overhead as it passes by. Bird droppings can be difficult to get off a car, both its bodywork and its windows, as it can quickly form a hard, dry crust; when you then try to remove it, it can easily damage the car’s paintwork, for example.

Our bird dropping wipes are impregnated with a special formula designed to effectively remove bird droppings, but to do so in a way that doesn’t damage your vehicle as it does so.

Windscreen Wipes

Our windscreen wet wipes go just as easily on your car as our bird dropping wipes do. With a non-abrasive fabric and a formula that doesn’t smear or stain the screen after use, these wipes are essential in giving your vehicle clean its finishing touch. What’s more, these wipes are fast-cleaning and so won’t give you any problems with glare if you go driving straight away.

Multi-Purpose Wet Wipes

If you lead a busy life and commute by car every day, then there’s a good chance your car ends up being a receptacle for rubbish and other general detritus. For many, their car is something practical, it serves a purpose and that purpose is to get them from A to B, not to look pretty. A cluttered car can lead to a cluttered mind, however, so if you’re looking to give your vehicle’s interior a bit of a spring clean, then our multi-purpose wipes – which work on a variety of materials and surfaces – will do just the trick.

Why Our Wipes?

One of the main benefits of all our automotive wipe products is that they’re fast drying. This means that for mechanics and engineers looking to apply bonding adhesives to a freshly cleaned surface, our wipes are perfect. As a company, we can manufacture runs of as low as 2,000 and so we can truly cater to businesses of every size – whether you’re a one-man mechanic or own an entire chain of car dealerships with thousands of cars to keep looking good.

Go The Extra Mile…

Pun shamelessly intended there! Our private-label services mean we can brand your wipes as you wish, so that any future-care kits for your customers can come complete with their own branded stash of wipe supplies. If you’re looking not only to secure new customers, but to then retain them in the future, then such additional touches will leave a lasting impression – unlike our wipe products!

Contact Us

So, if you’d like to find out more about the wet wipe products we offer specifically for the automotive industry, then get in touch! To get a quote, then contact Guardpack today on 01245 505 807 or by emailing us at trade@guardpack.co.uk. Or, if you’d rather, why not fill out one of our online enquiry forms on our contact page? However you want to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!

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