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How Can Nightclubs Make Use of Antibacterial Wet Wipes When They Re-Open?

For many younger people, one of the things they’re most looking forward to when things eventually return to normal is the full return of nightclub venues. Rooms full of densely packed people, sweating profusely and consuming lots of alcohol is hardly the best recipe for hygiene. When these venues do open their doors once more, it’s going to be even more important, of course, that hygiene levels are kept on top of. Recent test events have shown that extensive testing can lead to a safe clubbing experience, even in the embers of a pandemic. Additional hygiene measures, however, are going to improve the club-goers’ experience even further. Here at Guardpack, we offer a range of private label manufacturing services, including the production of antibacterial wet wipes. We wanted to discuss the various ways in which nightclubs (and other late-night hospitality venues) can benefit from these sorts of wipes, once they open up again.


The nightclub bathroom is hardly – it’s probably fair to say – the most hygienic of places. A place where momentary best friends are made, and where hairstyles are spruced up; somewhere which also offers a good place to provide individual antibacterial wet wipes with your venue’s own branding.

Many club-goers are looking for a more exclusive experience at a fraction of the price. Branded individual wipes help provide that touch of class to venue owners, without breaking the bank. With manufacturing runs as low as 2,000 units, even smaller venues can benefit from this added professionalism, too.

Behind the Bar Cleanliness

Alongside a plentiful supply of hand sanitizer, bartenders and other bar staff benefit massively from a ready supply of multipack wet wipes, in order to give surfaces a quick wipe down in case of any spillages, as well as just for general cleaning if the bar quietens down. And all that besides, what’s not to like about a gleaming, chromatic bar top?

High-Touch Surfaces

Whether they be swing doors, handrails – or even dancing poles! – nightclubs are typically full of high-touch surfaces. We’ve become only too aware of the issues posed by surface transmission over the past eighteen months, or so. Although you’re clearly not going to be able to wipe these surfaces down after every use, especially in a nightclub, regular surface wiping will help nonetheless.

Instilling Confidence in Club-Goers

Some club goers are going to be first in the queue, itching to get back into venues and dancing through the night. For others, though – perhaps the more anxious amongst friend groups – those initial few forays back into the nightclub might be a bigger deal. For those, the mere presence of hygiene products, like wet wipes, hand sanitizers and staff face masks, is going to help put minds at ease.

Makeup Wipes for the End of the Night

Forgetting to take off makeup at the end of the night is any wearer’s worst nightmare. It’s much harder to forget, though, if you’re given complementary, nightclub-branded makeup wipes at the end of the night.

Like the individual wipes we’d propose you offer out in nightclub toilets, a branded makeup wipe will leave people taking notice; they’ll be more likely to return again in the future. There’s a famous quote which goes something like “it’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”.

In the hospitality sector, especially, that saying certainly rings true. Customers are increasingly inclined to expect service from companies that go above and beyond what you might typically have come to expect.

Whether this is right or wrong is up for debate, but it’s the way modern customers are geared to think. As stated, though, this additional part of the customer experience needn’t be expensive, and nor should it be!

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The return of night clubs will, for many people, mark the final return of ‘normality’. Nightclub venue owners have been amongst the worst affected businesses by the pandemic. So they’re (understandably) chomping at the bit to get things going, again. An added element of hygiene and caution won’t go amiss, however. So, make sure you’re giving both your clubbers and staff the best protection and confidence with our private-label antibacterial wet wipes.

If you’d like to find out more about our antibacterial wet wipes, then get in touch! Contact Guardpack today on 01245 505 807 or by emailing trade@guardpack.co.uk. Alternatively, you can fill out one of our online contact forms; we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. However you wish to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

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