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How Businesses Can Utilise Child Friendly Wet Wipes and Other Products

Recently, the world celebrated LEGO day. LEGO is beloved by so many people, children, and adults alike. To this day is still one of the best-selling toys of all time. The celebration of this popular children’s toy got the Guardpack team thinking about all the other toys children play with. We also got thinking about the places that they play. At home, the environment is controlled, but now the world is beginning to shift back to normality, parents will start to bring their children out to places once more. This is the perfect time for businesses to prepare for the conscious parents by utilising child friendly wet wipes and other products we offer at Guardpack.

Child Play Centres and Child Friendly Wet Wipes

The most obvious place parents will be taking their children is the soft play centre. With over 900 in the UK and lockdowns stopping them from operating, many facilities are ready to open up again. Even though certain rules are being relaxed, if you own a soft play centre, you may want to reassure your customers that their children will have a sanitary experience. Here at Guardpack we offer antibacterial multi surface child friendly wet wipes. You can use these to wipe down any surface within you building, whether that be handles, toys, or tables.


Pre-school, for many children, is the first time they can interact socially with others and explore the world for the first time. They also will be learning to share toys and play together. This can present challenges for anyone who works in a pre-school. Children start pre-school as early as aged 2. At this age, they might still be exploring the world with their mouths. At a young age, children learn and explore by figuring out is something is edible or not and if it tastes good. This means they will put a lot of things in their mouth. If the toys are being shared with other children, you want to prevent any germs from their mouths getting on toys and spreading.

To do this, use biodegradable antibacterial wipes from Guardpack to wipe down the hard surface toys after you spot them going in a child’s mouth. The government guidelines for childcare settings even include a section about ensuring toys and other items are sanitised correctly.

Child Friendly Wet Wipes in Changing Areas

If you have a business that has a baby changing area that is accessible to the public, it would be beneficial to offer baby wipes to anyone who needs to use it. Baby wipes can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly. We are able to produce a range of 100% biodegradable wipes. Providing these to your customers in the baby changing rooms can contribute to saving the environment, whilst also keeping your facilities clean.

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