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How Airlines Can Benefit from Hand and Surface Wipes

With the news that vaccinated travellers coming into the UK will no longer have to self-isolate or take a test on day eight, many people will be starting to return to air travel. Although airlines have been operating for many months already, it’s likely the aviation industry is about to see its biggest surge in flyers since 2019. Whilst it is exciting that the world is getting back to a form of normality, it’s important to remember that there are still restrictions in place. Covid is still very much a threat to many. In order to make sure all customers feel comfortable flying, airlines should be taking advantage of products available to them. These include products such as the alcohol gel sachets and hand and surface wipes that Guardpack produce.

Hand and Surface Wipes with Food boxes

Long haul flights aren’t complete without dinner service. Many airlines offer them with an array of options and people can customise them before they fly. Airlines should be looking at ways to continue keeping customers safe. Cleanliness should be at the heart of any decision. For this reason, it is beneficial for airline companies to offer sanitary hand and surface wipes alongside the food they serve. The food served on aeroplanes usually comes in a small carboard lunch box or something similar. Offering your customers free individual hand and surface wipes and hand wipes can help keep them clean and germ free. It will also minimise mess for your cabin crew to clean up later on.

Masks and Hand and Surface Wipes

Since airlines were allowed to fly during covid, many companies have begun offering masks to customers as soon as they step onto a plane. Many flyers may already have their own masks with them, however, it is a good idea to offer them. This ensures they always have a clean one on your flight, just in case. Even though these are just masks, people appreciate being given things for free. Adding a single hand and surface wipe will help customers feel safer. It will also increase the likelihood that they repeat travel with your airline.

Alcohol Gel Sachets for Hands

When flyers go through security at an airport, they will not be allowed to take hand sanitiser bottles over 100ml onto the plane. People who get theirs confiscated are not likely to want to pay the airport prices for a brand new bottle. To ensure your flyers can keep their hands clean, airlines may want to consider giving out small individual alcohol gel sachets in replacement of hand sanitiser. This will not only help your customers who do not have hand sanitiser, but also help you keep everyone germ free and stop the spread of covid.

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