Health and Beauty Products to Help with Winter Skincare

Health and Beauty Products to Help with Winter Skincare

Health and beauty products are particularly important to get right in the colder months. Icy weather can lead to dry, rough, cracked, even itchy skin and the usual skincare routine might not cut it. Irritatingly, dry skin alone will often lead to further discomfort if not treated properly. So, it’s best to catch it early; preferably before the harsh winds and low humidity cause any dryness at all!

As the days begin to get a lot colder, now is the time for the skincare industry to push a lot of helpful products. However, customers won’t be receptive unless products are advertised alongside appropriately useful information. Helpfully, the team here at Guardpack have taken the liberty to put together some skincare tips your target market might find useful.

What health and beauty products can prevent dry skin?

Considering all this dry skin talk, it’s hardly surprising that moisturisers will take centre stage this winter. The clue is in the name! But, did you know, that moisturiser should be applied every time you wash your skin? Washing your skin, whilst very important, removes your body’s natural oils. For this reason, it’s advisable to keep moisturiser next to your sinks at home. When you’re on the move, however, a portable solution is needed and Guardpack’s custom sachets are ideal. We can offer volumes ranging between 1-40ml, ensuring your brand is providing the perfect amount of product.

Should you be after a stronger moisturiser, however, emollients or occlusives could be the way to go. The former takes longer for your skin to absorb – perfect for overnight use. The latter refers to products like cocoa or shea butter, which create a barrier to help retain moisture. Gentle exfoliants are also advisable, especially in the winter. Harsher ones may work well, but may be painful to use when skin is drier at this time of year. Softer, chemical exfoliants will be much friendlier to your skin.

Should I really use sun cream in the winter?

Sun cream may seem like one of the strangest health and beauty products to purchase at this time of year, but we advise that you do! The sun’s UVA rays are still harmful, even when you can’t feel their heat. More specifically, they can damage your skin’s moisture barrier, which is essential in keeping your skin hydrated. With this in mind, applying after moisturiser is highly recommended!

Guardpack has it’s own sun cream solution, which brands can utilise for their private label products. Our solution offers both UVA and UVB ray protection, to SPF 25 and SPF 50. Our own mywipe sun cream sachets contain 4ml of product, perfect for a bag or even a pocket!

How can Guardpack help with your health and beauty products?

The dedicated team here at Guardpack have been working with the cosmetics and skincare industry for over two decades! We’ve worked with countless brands to create promotional samples and bring products to market. Production runs can start as low as 1,000 sachets; filled with your chosen formula between 1-40ml, with an accuracy of 0.1ml. We also have printing and cutting machines at your disposal! Packaging design, logos and even regulatory information can all be prepared in-house. Just let us know your requirements!

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