An image of items/media from 1997, including a still from Titanic, a Tamagotchi, the Teletubbies and an old Nokia phone.

Happy Birthday Guardpack 20 Years!

Remember 1997? It was certainly a year to remember. There was a lot going on: Tony Blair was Prime Minister, the tragic death of The Princess of Wales, Kate & Leo were hanging off the back of the Titantic, several Tamagotchis were born and the wonderful world of Dipsy, La-La, Tinky Winky & Po.

At the same time a young, energized, entrepreneur named Jeremy Freedman took ownership of Guardpack. In a 1000 sq ft unit in Chelmsford, equipped with two very old (but working) single sachet wet wipe machines and the latest Nokia 6110 mobile phone.

Roll on twenty years to 2017 with premises of over 13,000 sq ft, 8 state of the art wet wipe, liquid filled & flow pack machines…..a slightly older, slightly wiser and a lot greyer Jeremy, can look back and reflect to when Twitter was something birds did, Apples were for eating and LOL still meant Lots of Love.

One thing that hasn’t changed though. Guardpack are still the best at making wet wipe sachets.

We thank you for your custom & support.

Piece of Cake?

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