Make use of custom liquid sachets for Halloween

Halloween Business Opportunities with Custom Liquid Sachets

Halloween isn’t just the time of year where we get dressed up, scare children and eat sweets. Well, it is for most people. However, for businesses, it’s a great chance to expand product ranges and gain some cheap marketing while you’re at it! Read on to see how custom liquid sachets can open up new opportunities for your business.

Of course, it’s too late to arrange anything new for Halloween this year, but there’s no harm in planning ahead for next year. Product development and marketing can take a long time to arrange. Why not get a head start? In fact, this doesn’t just apply to Halloween, but any widely-celebrated occasion. See if there’s anything you can take away from this post for Christmas!

Branding for Halloween

To make the most of events like Halloween, it is a good idea to switch up your branding to appeal to consumers. This could be changing your colours for a month, or even using some spooky elements on your packaging, such as a ghost or a pumpkin, as long as you can keep it relevant. Limited edition products can really help to boost sales. Research shows that half the UK’s population buy Halloween products on a whim, which is an increase from normal levels of impulse purchases.

This could also be a good way of boosting sales without even changing your product. Changing the branding for your makeup remover wipes to “Halloween make-up remover wipes” could capture a whole new side of the market, just with a wording change. It works for the food sector year in year out. Try a little change and see how much it impacts your sales. You might be pleasantly surprised.

You may think that Halloween is just big for Americans, but spending over this period has grown massively over the last few years, with this year being at its highest point ever at around half a billion pounds. Big brands such as Coca-Cola and Budweiser are taking advantage of this boom every year, so why aren’t you?

Free custom liquid sachets for Halloween?

Why not treat your customers to free product samples with their purchases during these festive periods? Building up some good will as you head into the big months for consumer goods will help to increase your brand loyalty and extra sales won’t be far behind. If trick or treating has taught us anything, it’s that people love a freebie! We recently wrote about why free samples are such a good idea for Christmas. Why not expand this to other holidays and events? Check out our previous article for more information on how sachet samples can help get you more customers over the holiday seasons.

Product opportunities for Halloween

There are many opportunities across several sectors that could expand product ranges with custom liquid sachets as Halloween approaches. For example, this could be prime time for hair dye companies to bring out a temporary hair dye product packaged in custom liquid sachets. Adults up and down the country will be dressing up this year, many going above and beyond by changing their hair colour. Seeing as this is something they only do once a year, they wouldn’t want to purchase a whole bottle of hair dye, not necessarily knowing how much to apply. It is much easier for consumers if they could purchase a smaller amount in sachets, giving them the perfect amount to apply for their scary new do!

Similarly, face paints and Halloween make-up are incredibly popular this time of year, but can be a real pain logistically. People are flocking into cities for nights out at Halloween events and either sitting on the train with their faces painted, getting strange looks from strangers, or have to carry pots around, risking making a mess in their bags. A custom liquid sachet is very resilient and malleable, so wouldn’t break in your customers’ bags. They can simply turn up at the hotel and assemble their costumes in peace. No fuss!

Another opportunity is creating products for parents that are taking their children out trick-or-treating. Sticking their hands in bowls of sweets, there is a big risk of kids picking up viruses and bacteria. Sachets of hand wipes or hand sanitisers are the perfect solution to cleaning them up whilst out and about to keep everyone safe. It doesn’t hurt to have them around to clean up their sticky hands and faces once they’ve started eating the sweets either!

Guardpack’s offering

Guardpack have over 2 decades of experience creating custom liquid filled sachets for our customers. Sachets can be custom branded to compliment and fit perfectly into your existing product range. Our pumps can fill sachets with volumes of liquid, gels and creams from as small as 1ml up to 40ml, accurate to 0.1ml. Alternatively, our custom wet-wipe offering can be produced in in sachets from 50mm x 50mm up to 140mm x 150mm. Wipes can be cut and folded up to a size of 500mm x 230mm.

We can create sachets using a variety of materials. These range from kraft laminates to microwavable, recyclable options. Whatever your requirements, we have an option for you.

Our production runs can start in low quantities, at just 2,000 sachets, which is great for companies looking to create promotional materials, product testing or to give away as samples with their other products. However, we also have the capability to scale up massively depending on your requirements.

We also offer our own range of approved formulae, which we can add your branding to, slotting straight into your product offering, without having to spend the time and money on costly product development.

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